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  1. @SynopticoI usually check in once in awhile, but life has been crazy busy and I don't really follow recruiting as much. Still never miss an ND game, but getting to South Bend for a game and following the ins/outs of recruiting has been a lot tougher over the years with our busy schedules. I tried logging in during the early signing period, but I couldn't figure out which email I used then I realized it was my old AOL account lol. How's everything going? I'm still married, father of 4 now, and still coach HS football. I've since added Middle School wrestling and College softball to my list of sports I coach. My son is a sophomore, two year starter at FB/LB for our HS team. The Tailback that started ahead of him just committed to Division II Kutztown University, so he should be the main back this year. My son's passion is wrestling though. He hopes to earn a scholarship in wrestling. He's 63-5 in two years so far. During Covid last year, we moved with my uncle and he placed 3rd in GHSA 7A States. We've since moved back to NJ, and he's the #1 seed in Districts as individual postseason starts on Saturday. My oldest daughter is a frosh, she started Varsity in Field hockey and is hoping to start softball as well. I have two little ones 5 and 7 who are just getting into sports. They're all Notre Dame fans like their dad. I've spent many hours on this site, and other ND sites and it's where my love for Notre Dame football grew to almost an obsession lol. We had some great times following NSDs and Bowl games. The conversation and debates were always great. I'll def check in again soon. GO IRISH!! Anyone who wants to follow me or my kids on Twitter. I hope to check in a little bit more. It's always great visiting the site!! Twitter.com/czearfoss Twitter.com/ZearfossJake Twitter.com/RylieZearfoss
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