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  1. I think everyone needs to think of BK's history of handling QB's. This is setting up to be another sh*t show. Lets start with the Dayne Christ / Tommy Rees QB competition. Christ wins the battle, starts against USF, gets pulled and Rees all of a sudden becomes the man for the year. Didn't anyone in practice see that Rees was better or at least equal? Or that Dayne was great at short hopping passes and looked like a deer in the headlights when the situation got sticky? Then it is the Everett Golson / Tommy Rees show. Its musical chairs for the year which BK seems to get a lot of cr
  2. Here are three big reasons why Hiestand need to go. 1. Mustipher - Can't consistently perform the most basic job of a CENTER, snapping the football. 2. McFlinchey - How many false starts can he have per game. Should have never been moved to left tackle. 3. The flaming dumpster fire that has been right guard for three years. Took a whole year to figure out that Bivin couldn't get it done. I'm so tired of the great recruiter and respected by the players and peers argument. Name one player who has ever blamed his position coach, or one coach who would call another coach garbage.
  3. I went through a list of assistants that need to go and the list was so big that I came back to the conclusion that Kelly and the whole staff need to go. When has a head coach fired his coordinators and other support staff one year and had a miraculous turn around the next year. But just for fun lets play. 1. Scott Booker - Special teams have been atrocious the past couple of years and exactly what are the names of our tight ends? He is unsalvageable. 2. Harry Hiestand - As was previously stated, the line is loaded with elite recruits who can't move anyone off the ball or protect the
  4. Kelly has gotten desperate and it has multiplied his already poor game day planning. If this team wins another game it will be despite Kelly not because of him. All a reasonably competent coach needs to do is wait for Kelly to poop his pants first and take the win after that. When a coach is done the moment reveals itself. In our case this is at least the third time. He's done. I know everyone says who are we going to get that's better? The answer is a COMPETENT coach. A mediocre game day coach would be 5-2 minimum right now.
  5. fire kelly. the worst mismanagement of a game ever. you've got to be kidding me. How the hell do you lose like this!!!! you really thought punting was the right call??? If you're going to lose, lose with your best player who is Kizer. not your horrible defense.
  6. He made a crack (not exact quote, but I'll try). "The commercial star, seems to win every award." His definitely struck me as sarcastic/bitter. I thought it was very unprofessional. Hopefully someone will be able to find a clip.
  7. What was up with the jab by Pollack on Te'o winning the Bednarik award? Was he pissed that Jones didn't get it. Low class move by Pollack!
  8. USC had to fire a student manager who was caught letting air out of footballs before the Oregon game. Supposedly that makes them easier to throw/catch. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/football/ncaa/11/08/usc-manager-fired-deflating-ball.ap/index.html?sct=cf_t2_a6
  9. Keith Arnold on NBC has now just tweeted that ND is denying this, but he has had two sources in the last 12 hours tell him that Rees is the starter tonight. Seriously, do we have to have controversy BEFORE the game even starts. Way to get these kids minds right before a big national game tonight.
  10. Yeah, I live in Chandler and I've been in there once for a Steelers game on a Sunday, but there were MSU flags and banners all over the place. I don't know if that's changed, but be warned.
  11. Here's a different though on the one game suspensions. If Tommy and Carlo are on probation due to their run-ins with the law they may not be allowed to travel overseas. Giving them a one game suspension just covers this up and gives Kelly the all clear to prep his other two QB's. Plus it eliminates some of the speculation during camp on who's going to win the competition. Really, its a win-win for Kelly unless he wanted Rees as his starter. It's like a little present fell in his lap.
  12. ESPN reporting Tyler Gaffney forgoing senior year to play baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates. That's a pretty significant loss in their backfield. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8124507/stanford-cardinal-tyler-gaffney-opts-play-pro-baseball
  13. I simply believe that Tommy cannot play the type of QB that we can win with next year. Floyd bailed him out so much and there is no WR on the roster that can take over. It looks like the strength of the offense is the RB and TE and a lot of our big plays in the passing game must be made off deception and the fear of the run. Having an immobile QB completely limits this type of offense. We should be able to run it on anyone based on what I'm seeing and we need to work on ball security on the snaps and pitches. We can win games with a ground and pound then play action. The defense
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