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  1. I was originally thinking Fickle and Campbell. Only because we have not done well will first time HCs. But I am willing to give MF 2 years to get his feet under him and to give him some overpaid assistants. Also to wave TR out the door if necessary. I don’t mind a 9-4 or 8-4 for a couple of years while MF seasons as a coach. I think the fan base has to realize that a Natty is unrealistic at least in current playoff format.
  2. OK state was and is the desire of the committee as the next in. Probably the second to last time they can reward conferences for championship games before the playoffs expand. Cinci gets balls washed for beating us at home. Our fault. BK chasing his grandchildren’s children’s retirement sealed the deal. Even if chaos was to happen (Iowa, Houston, Georgia victories), a 2 loss will go before us. Writing is on the wall.
  3. Frigging hate Tommy as our OC. So many garbage play calls. Only reason he is our OC is BK. Obviously BK is not worried TR would get hired away from us. So frustrating
  4. Anybody have recent update on Hamilton. I know he is out of this one. Is the injury more serious than we have been told or are they just being xtra safe?
  5. That’s a great play by defense. Scoring 2 and giving it back to our constipated offense. Brian Kelly is a friggin idiot with this game plan.
  6. He doesn’t have a unique thought in his pin head. He wants to be Kirk Herbstreet.
  7. Not a highly insightful take, but we are mediocre on the back end if he is out. London put up 171 on us. Ouch. Also several runs that he would have stuffed. Game breaker gone is a horrible thought.
  8. I hate this. Buchner will not develop and will be the guy holding the sign “we are gonna run a qb option”
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