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  1. He’s got 3 games to tinker ….after that.., sit him or start him FFS!
  2. Someone wave the magic wand cuz Stanley, Martin and Nelson aren’t walking through that door! We will be out of the top 25 by November 1 if we don’t fix the Oline and the problems with Corner.
  3. Must see for me is the Mercer Bears vs Alabama Crimson Tide!!! Other than that I might browse the Oregon vs OSU. Think that will be tough for Ducks if their stud DLineman doesn’t play. Then Iowa vs Iowa State.
  4. We have a game tomorrow? Gee. Didn’t see that on my tv schedule?
  5. You score 38 in regulation…. you should win
  6. The defense got gassed in the first game, humid and hot and hostile environment. He blitzed to much. It’s the first game. Drawing any conclusions now is silly
  7. If ND had not played in ACC last year Clemson may not have made the playoff. IMHO
  8. Ranking Iowa State and Cindy ahead of us is pure lipstick on a pig. Oh she's a beauty!
  9. I feel the same as long as it is reasonable. But this is Toledo. Toledo!?! Lol
  10. I gather the site was sold pre pandemic. All in all.... it's garbage. Fix this crap. Style and format is not user friendly. Are you new? Go Irish!
  11. Pyne is crap. If Coan struggles, put in Buchner. No question.
  12. We are starting a senior transfer at QB. We have unproven WRs. We have Oline that are new at the Tackle position. Be aggressive at play calling.Let Jack sling it. Play the freshmam. Return punts and kickoffs. Radical....lol. Not gonna happen.
  13. It's looking like the writing is on the wall for some kind of change. It probably won't happen for a couple of years. But by then there might be a league of college schools/football teams that is comprised of 40-50 teams with no alliances to conferences anymore. These colleges/football teams are no longer governed by the NCAA. They will form their own league. That's when ND will jump.
  14. The only thing I want to see with moving around the pocket is up back and side to side. Book was a rabbit..... ready to run if primary guy wasn't open. He couldn't wait because he couldn't stretch the field.
  15. For years I have had a problem with the style of offense that we have run. That style of offense has not required a a stud 6'2+ QB to run the offense. We have recruited undersizedand mobile QBs who have also been uncomfortable in the pocket and unwilling or incapable of reading defenses and going through progressions. Strange considering the Oline that has been recruited in the NFL. This is Kelly and previous O coordinators. Our problem is recruiting elite talent at defense and speed skill positions. Aside from some outliers (Tate, Floyd, Rudolph, Eifert, Twitter, Smith) we don't get elite LBs, D Line or skill guys. We get TE, and Oline. The current environment of NIL and pending realignment could ptovide us a more even playing field.
  16. This . I get it’s an opportunity but do you want to be the muddy doormat of SEC and eventually be fired after 4 years of sub .500 records?
  17. Just broke. No details. 31 y/o. RIP young man and blessings of comfort to his family and friends. So sad. Anyone know any details?
  18. Best thing: No Navy! Hope that’s permanent
  19. So I see that you are very adamant. Appreciate this. He is a great blocker. He has the size and frame to carry 15 more ponds. He has the quickness , leaping ability and mentality to play physical with LBs. He has been an outstanding special teams player. He lacks the speed to separate as a wide receiver but. Dominate in the middle and seam. He would only chip a DE anyway. Most edge rushers won’t line up TE side who is a pass catcher. He vacates that side and chooses a Tackle side.
  20. Maybe I am way off here, but I see his success in the NFL at a different position. I think he would be a dominant TE.
  21. A belated Happy Birthday Brian. Wishing you a year of blessings and happiness
  22. Also had a stint at the Giants last year
  23. Just ugly. Super Ugly. We are undersized and under classed. When will It be called? There is nothing good about ND basketball.
  24. Line up men! Go over the hill!
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