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  1. This . I get it’s an opportunity but do you want to be the muddy doormat of SEC and eventually be fired after 4 years of sub .500 records?
  2. Just broke. No details. 31 y/o. RIP young man and blessings of comfort to his family and friends. So sad. Anyone know any details?
  3. Best thing: No Navy! Hope that’s permanent
  4. So I see that you are very adamant. Appreciate this. He is a great blocker. He has the size and frame to carry 15 more ponds. He has the quickness , leaping ability and mentality to play physical with LBs. He has been an outstanding special teams player. He lacks the speed to separate as a wide receiver but. Dominate in the middle and seam. He would only chip a DE anyway. Most edge rushers won’t line up TE side who is a pass catcher. He vacates that side and chooses a Tackle side.
  5. Maybe I am way off here, but I see his success in the NFL at a different position. I think he would be a dominant TE.
  6. A belated Happy Birthday Brian. Wishing you a year of blessings and happiness
  7. Also had a stint at the Giants last year
  8. Just ugly. Super Ugly. We are undersized and under classed. When will It be called? There is nothing good about ND basketball.
  9. Line up men! Go over the hill!
  10. This is not the beat case scenario. It reflects BKs effort in recruiting, developing players, being innovative etc. This is underwhelming in so many ways. Of course we could all be fooled like the Titans beating Baltimore at their home, but I would bet with confidence this turns out badly and we will be set back 2 years minimum until the half hearted recruiting and learn by your mistakes ideology from Kelly will finally lead to his inglorious departure from ND. Followed by Tom E.
  11. Sorry. I kinda piggy backed on your assertion. Didn’t read your post until after mine but we are simpatico in this regard.
  12. I will say this. The Brian Kelly tenure has not proved that it can recruit or develop a good enough QB to get drafted at the next level. That statement says all we need to know. God Bless Ian for his contribution. His record as a starter is somewhat deceiving. We won besides his contribution; especially this past season.Is he the best we have right now in warming the seat for the next guy... yes. No doubt. Saw enough of Phil to know that. And I am sure the underperforming QB coaching staff saw that as well. Be that as it may, I truly do not know if the “next guys” will really be any better ultimately. Given that I don’t like our offensive scheme and the latest OC moving on, and the history of QB development (or lack thereof) under Kelly... I suspect we will continue to have below average or just sufficient QB play until we have a change at HC.
  13. Who’s career with the Canadian league will be average.
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