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  1. I hate this. Buchner will not develop and will be the guy holding the sign “we are gonna run a qb option”
  2. Coan starts. Will be injured and out in 2nd quarter. We will be behind 10-3 at half. Pyne will start the 2nd half. He will turn the ball over twice. We will end up with 50 yards rushing and scratch out a 13-10 win. Tommy Reese play calling will be questioned again as the fan base wonders why we have someone so I’ll equipped calling plays.
  3. The turnstile QB approach will not work nor will a statue behind center. VT is fast and athletic. We have regressed offensively. I don’t like our chances if Coan starts.
  4. Hands of stone Austin would have dropped it anyway.
  5. The problem is we have gotten to sluggish starts too.
  6. I believe it was a muscular and immunology deficiency disorder.
  7. That’s a bit unrealistic
  8. I see a Domer Domain gathering! I’m in!
  9. The last 3 games have begun practically the same. We have complete breakdowns on offense and look lost. Someone kick the Oline in the nuts before they go out because they sleep walk in the first 2-4 series. Can’t feel Optimistic about Cinci. Get rid of Reese and his mess!
  10. Has had health issues past 5 years and besides he is 65.
  11. Agree. I have said it before.Tommy is over his skis. There is nothing to make the defense move their eyes in the offensive scheme. In fact it’s offensive that we have a friggin rookie OC!
  12. Boy this is tough. I see both side of this debate. I think we all agree that the Oline is pathetic (especially at left tackle) and the primary problem. Unless we can fix this, it will not much matter who takes snaps. As it currently stands I say we start Coan, but if we see problems with Coan’s mobility paired with significant pressure …. Pull him for Pyne or Buchner. The bottom line is we need mobility and a quick release right now until the line improves. This should also be the message to our inept offensive coordinator.
  13. I just saw that the line has moved Wisconsin to -6.5 from -5.5. Isn’t Soldier Field supposed to be a quasi home game for us? Honestly not surprised. This is the game I would target for the season where we see marked improvements or the steady and continuous fall. So many games ahead (starting with this one) where our opponent has a bye before they play us. I am really worried and finding it difficult to be optimistic.
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