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  1. Toledo took a big L at home today to Colorado State. State just came off a big loss to Vanderbilt.
  2. lol Purdue by 3 was my vote. That is my attempt at an unbiased opinion based solely upon our week 1 and week 2 play. We barely survived FSU and Toledo and I feel Purdue is a step up from those teams. They also have playmakers at DE and WR, positions that go up against our weaker areas. Doesnt mean ND cant ir wont make adjustments and win, but they will need to in order to beat Purdue.
  3. FSU down 7-0 to Jacksonville State in the 2nd qtr. Just thought I would mention that to all those who are saying FSU may be better than we think. No, they arent.
  4. This is the first year all of Harrys guys are gone and to me it is clearly showing. We are weaker, smaller and softer. The LT situation is probably the worst its been since ive been a fan. Didnt realize how important Blake Fisher truly was to this team. Very little hope that Baker gains agility and strength during the year.
  5. 1. Offensive Line got worse and is the worst unit on the squad. They may have to blow it all up. It is the biggest problem with the team. 2. Buchner should continue to be mixed in to keep defenses honest with the OL is playing like this. 3. We were better running Clarke Lea's defense. 4. We lose to Purdue next week if we play like this. 5. We only win a handful of games the rest of the way if we dont get healthier and better.
  6. 1. Freeman needs to scrap the high school 3-3-5 defense. Played much better with a traditional 4 down line earlier in the game. 2. Get Big Fish healthy. He was the only lineman who held his own. Carmody is a poor backup at LT. 3. Pretty sure we have no answers at linebacker. 4. Tyree needs to return the ball once in awhile. 4. Coan, Hamilton and Doerer MVPs.
  7. 2022 recruiting has been taking a hit since the NIL Supreme Court case came to the surface. Just a coincidence or something to that?
  8. People are saying he was found dead. Just a crazy situation. West Jacksonville is a **** hole I wish he never went back there.
  9. Fits well on the 49ers. Could be the next Kyle Juszczyk.
  10. Good insurance on the young QBs. If they cant do it at least he has experience. 70% completion percentage so chances are he is pretty accurate.
  11. Rumors that Elko is meeting with Brian Kelly today. Who knows what to believe but would be a great re-hire.
  12. Brian Kelly is already at that school. Hes been there for 10 years.
  13. if A&M goes ahead of us we prob go to Orange Bowl vs UF. We can beat them.
  14. Better hope we land him. Not sure you could bungle RB recruiting any worse than we did this year if we dont. Should have been offered a long time ago. Braylon Edwards' nephew was never coming here.
  15. We have a really good defensive system and philosophy right now and we have specifically recruited players for that system for a long time. "If it aint broke, don't fix it." I'd rather get someone who runs the same or similar defense (4-2-5) for now and if that doesn't work, blow it up later. This was the same idea when we transitioned from Elko to Lea. I hate to see us transition to another defensive concept right now when it appears that we finally figured it out. I guess this is just college football.
  16. Hes related to Braylon Edwards. Tough pull for ND.
  17. Edwards appears headed to Michigan imo Cardwell seems like a West Coast guy. I'd take Estime's commitment and move on before he gets irritated. The great part about having a stud O-Line is that you do not necessarily need 5 star RBs. Get the really good guys who want to be here.
  18. He can say he is fine, but when the most vocal and supportive ND recruit in the class removes all Notre Dame references from his profile then something was obviously bothering him.
  19. You can call the regular season now if you want. Bama ND OSU Clemson with Lawrence Play the playoffs.
  20. There is very little reason for him to come back. He loses his entire offensive line. He would be a sixth year senior. The sooner he gets out of school, the sooner he can move on with his career and start earning money doing something productive, football or not. I suspect he will be a camp arm for an NFL team and may eventually follow the Tom Rees Coaching Plan. Playing for Notre Dame for a sixth season delays his earning capacity and life.
  21. Powers John's Lane Whiskey. Favorite whiskey for $65 or below. Made in Cork.
  22. Sure. We can call it even and have them just come to South Bend on 12/19 to play for the ACC title.....
  23. Looks like he could be an immediate impact player at the CB position right away.
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