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  1. I absolutely hated that call. I'm okay with targeting as a rule, but not it's current implementation. That play should not have been targeting, and definitely should not have resulted in a player getting ejected. This rule lacks a common sense element
  2. I had to switch a bunch of things. From vBulletin to Invision power on the forums. From Joomla to WordPress for the blog. And hosting I made a switch I believe (can't remember who the previous owner used). Changed from a non secure site to https. And more. So lots of room for issues if there is old cached content.
  3. Thanks for chiming in. That's the most likely issue. If you need additional issues on clearing cache on Firefox, this should help: https://www.tomsguide.com/how-to/how-to-clear-the-cache-in-firefox
  4. @NDhoosier I'm sorry you're having issues. Can you right click the quick link and either copy and paste the link here or send it to me in a direct message? I think it might be a old URL that no longer exists. And I might need to just set up a redirect for it. I know there have been some issues with Firefox but they mainly had to do with embedded tweets.
  5. Good Luck with the sale @ND_JACK, and if you do sell them to another member here, please don't hesitate to leave any feedback on this ticket exchange. This is a trial for me as well, and seeing if it's worth investing in again for the 2022 season. Thanks for giving it a go!
  6. Well said. The exclusivity to Peacock is wrong on so many levels. You're alienating many decades / generations of fans. It's very short-sighted to make an extra buck.
  7. It does, but it's based on percentage of screen. I wish there was a max pixel width instead. That would work better. The way it currently is, I can make it 90% of your screen, which is WAY too wide on a 1440p monitor for example, but fine on 1080p, but when I changed it to 60%, it's perfect on the 1440p monitor, but terrible for 1080p. Things were even worse in 4K
  8. Thanks @NYGoldenDomer. Found the setting pretty easily and tested it in dark mode. It's a very easy change to make, but I see why it's disabled by default. On a regular 1080p monitor, it's fine, but at other resolutions, things look really unnatural, and there's not one size that fits all for 'Fluid Width size'.
  9. How did you change the width like that? I probably am going to refrain on making any width / layout changes like that at a site-level just due to the risk of breaking elements with the responsive design, but I could take a look. Thanks, and never an issue. The more feedback / suggestions, the better. A lot of the changes I made over the last 6 months were thanks to requests like yours.
  10. It wasn't too bad. Worth the price of the convenience / covering my back on gamedays
  11. I'm a sucker for good ideas. Plus it's the best of both worlds. It removes the risk of me forgetting to add the chat to the home of the forums on gameday, but it's out of the way. On gamedays, I may make it expanded by default, but if I can't get around to it, it's still there for everyone to use. So thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Final results are in & I updated to a more premium chat option. Chat can be found at the top of the forum homepage (drops down - I have it condensed by default). Also, if time permits, I'll temporarily have it enabled in the bottom right corner as a bubble (Facebook messenger-style) in browsing topics, during gamedays. Since it's a less-obtrusive way to allow members to browse the forums, yet still continue to participate in chat if they choose.
  13. Well, @NYGoldenDomer, I caved on your request and implemented the pro version of the previous chat. Currently, I have it displaying above the topic list as a dropdown for those who decide to participate. Once you drop it down, you should be able to see the full chat, and online users. I have sound notifications disabled for new messages, but I'm open to turning it on if it's preferred. As an alternative, I can have a pop-up (facebook messenger-style) on the bottom of the page. But I feel the dropdown above the forums is less distracting. Open to suggestions as always. And thanks, Notre Dame fam
  14. Yeah, I think it would just highlight their name if they're in the chat. But not show a drop-down like it does on the forums. There's no option in the setting for that. Same with the who's online option. I don't want to mess with it during the season, but I'll take a look and see if there are other chat options that might have those features. Edit: Did some research and there is a paid option. Can't really dedicate the resources towards it right now since I have other projects with the main site, but I'm open to adding it at some point.
  15. For the chatbox, you can click a member's name and it adds an @[name] mention. You may be able to manually type it out, but I haven't tested that. I assume that it would work, though. Guessing it would only show in chat though, not as a notification, but I'm not positive. As for seeing who's in the chat, there's a members online option at the bottom of the homepage & the chat page. That would probably be your best bet. I don't see a way within the chat box itself. Hope this helps @NYGoldenDomer!
  16. If you had some time and wanted to put something together (with a similar aspect ratio), I would update it. But don't feel any obligation. Next off-season, I may look into getting something put together. Thanks as always, @Rocketsan!
  17. He's been with the team for 14 years and is a clear leader for the Special Teams. We just drafted his replacement this year, who's going to sit behind the GOAT and learn from the best.
  18. Agreed. I never minded him, and I thought he was asking more than his worth with the contract dispute. I didn't see a ton of full games, but figured he got most of his yardage in garbage time last year. But after watching last night, he was outstanding and looked to be worth every bit of that new contract. Especially with the workload he was given. Almost 60 passes. Yikes.
  19. Hey Domers! I changed the default layout in the homepage to show activity from all forums by default, on the homepage. This is in an effort the increase activity across other forums that may be missed. You have the option to change it back via this button. If you do want to give the 'all forum activity' format a go, you should see an option to filter content you're interested in on the right-hand side. Just check the boxes you would like to see content from. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks! Mike
  20. Speaking of Notre Dame players that are Captains. J.J. Jansen, baby! (I'm a Panthers fan and hoping he can long snap us to a championship for his likely swan song season)
  21. What a way to kickoff the NFL Season!
  22. Yup! If you're referring to this image at the top. Thanks @Rocketsan!
  23. I was debating on whether or not to make a thread on this, but I figured I would gauge interest. @FaithInIrishForever has been doing a great job updating the homepage with new content, mainly video highlights, hype videos, interviews, etc. But I wanted to make a topic to see if anyone had interest in creating original content (written). There are a lot of posters here who put out great content, but if you have experience writing for the web, or wanted to have a platform to share that content to a possibly wider audience, I'm open to it. I do realize you would be doing myself and the site a favor. And I won't give any silly explanation about 'exposure'. But if you already had a longer post / deep-dive you planned on posting on the forums, anyways, you're more than welcome to reach-out. Anything & everything is also welcome to be re-shared in the forum. It could be round-ups of predictions, what fans of [opponent] are saying for this week's matchup, breakdowns or analysis of the past week's game, etc. If you did contribute at least once a month, I would be able to offer would be VIP Supporter Status. I know it's not much, but it's about all I can reasonably do right now. VIP Supporter Status: No Ads Custom Name Color (Notre Dame Gold) Ability to change Display Name Can delete own content Can use animated profile photos (Gifs) Free 'Featured Listings' on Marketplace Unlimited Edit Time Thanks for any consideration. Any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. let me know. I'm open to any and all feedback.
  24. When he said it, you knew that "journalists" & media networks were going to run with it...
  25. It was clear to me that pounding that story was more important than a thriller of a game. Happy he made it back and is defying the odds, but it was way overkill. Reffing was absolute
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