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  1. You shouldn't have to visit the subforums. If you click the main board (circled below) that should show everything in recruiting & the subforums. You shouldn't need to click the sub-forums if you don't want to. If the Recruiting board, or any of the sub-forums are bold, just click 'Recruiting Board' and you should be covered.
  2. Hey Texas. They aren't getting pinned, but it looks like it doesn't honor sub-forums pins in the parent forum (at least not yet). I could see that coming in a future update, but to make it easier, I just added 'Featured Recruiting Threads' at the top, similar to the homepage. Thanks for the feedback
  3. Try the homepage of the forums for 'Mark as read'. That's typically where I've done it, and it works for me. Another view that might be worth checking out would be the 'fluid' view. Go to the homepage and click this button (image below). It will change to a fluid view showing topics across the whole board, with new posts on the top. If you like that, it will stay like that unless you click the toggle to change it back.
  4. Going through some cleanup on the recruiting board to get stuff organized and to try and improve sorting. I have no idea why read stuff is coming up unread, but there are multiple quick-fixes here. 1. Click 'Mark site read' in the top-right corner (marked below - image 1) or in the menu on mobile 2. You can click the forum icon to mark that section (image 2) as read on the forum homepage. 3. If you click recruiting board (not the sub-forum), you'll be able to see it all in one place, like previously, with new sorting options (image 3). You can check to look only at recruits from ## year Just some off-season cleanup to make DD the best board it can be before the 2022 season begins, and to help get more eyes on the forum.
  5. On the topic of bots... I also paused the Notre Dame bot. Most if it is content that was already posted by @Big23Head, and I usually end up deleting the bot's topic. I'll revisit this later if I can find a way to add value to the forum, but between every 1 hit, there are about 5 - 10 misses. So that experiment is over for now
  6. Still waiting for a good deal on Viagra. I now have more Keto & CBD products than I can store . Thanks again for the suggestion. That should help.
  7. Doing my best on this front, and tweaking this a lot lately. We've been getting hit heavily with spammers lately (not just bots. They have to answer a Notre Dame related question to sign up), many being auto-blocked, but there are still too many getting through. Last week we made auto-flagging / requirements for approval more aggressive, but that didn't do the trick. I changed the captcha this week, and thanks to your suggestion @Synoptico, I made a requirement of 20+ comments to make a new thread. But that won't stop these spammers from commenting on other topics. I also have certain words that will require approval as well. What I've been trying to implement was a way to not allow external links until a poster hits x amount of content, but I don't think that is possible with the software. It's a tough thing to tackle, but I'm going to continue tightening up restrictions until we have something in place that weeds out the span, but doesn't restrict new members from joining. This has been beyond frustrating and a giant time-suck for me as well. So I appreciate you guys reporting it as new spam pops up.
  8. I was able to do the same for forums that had sub-forums as well, such as 'Other Notre Dame Athletics'. If you go into the main forum, it's sub-forums will all show in one place. And you can choose which you want to see in one screen.
  9. New feature addition - And just enabled today across our forums & categories. Fluid view (all topics) is a popular option for many users, but it would get a bit unwieldly when spread across all forums. Our forum software just had an update, which allows you (if enabled) to do it on a per-forum & category view. This was a request I've made to the dev team, and I'm sure others have as well. Now it's a part of the software and it's enabled for Domer Domain. Want all 'Notre Dame' related forums in one place without the huge list of topics? Then click 'Notre Dame Football' and you will be brought to a 'fluid' list of all forums in that category, but not flood it with General Forums as well.
  10. Final Four: Arkansas Baylor Arizona Kansas Championship: Arizona over Arkansas
  11. Happy Birthday @FaithInIrishForever!!!! Wishing you the best! Thank you for being an amazing member & leader in this community!
  12. Heard loud and clear. Not sure how well it would work with the default header design on desktop (spacing on the right hand side looks wonky if I make the header area taller, but definitely looking into possibilities. Was able to increase the size of it substantially on mobile, though. If anybody's banner stretches out too far on mobile, though, let me know. So many different phone resolutions make it hard to test all sizes.
  13. Ugh, not sure if it translates to emoji / icon form very well. What are your thoughts @NYGoldenDomer? Even cut off the top of the hat to make it fit bitter.
  14. But I got one ready, I just need help picking which to replace . I think the 'cheers' makes the most sense. Just need other opinions.
  15. I can add to the list, but I'm trying to keep 6 as the Max. More than that gets a little long on mobile. Any suggested removals to replace with it?
  16. The simple solution for me is to just have controversial penalty / non-penalty calls (and maybe catches) reviewed from New York in real-time. Referees can huddle up while they decide whether or not to pick up the flag (until the call comes in). I don't think it would need to happen often. Only for the biggest plays / most important. Facemask on the long TD pass, as well as the holding at the end. But I do realize that's when things start to get muddy. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to make these decisions. But getting those calls right IN THE SUPER BOWL should 100% be a priority one way or another, without disrupting the game flow too much.
  17. I don't believe in any conspiracies with the game, moreso the inconsistencies with the calls. The first 58 minutes of the game, the precedence that they were going to be allowed to be overly aggressive was set. And in the last 2 minutes, the referees called it much tighter than they have all game.
  18. Haha, it's funny because who wasn't wondering when they were going to give them a make-up call.
  19. It's unfortunate that a flag was thrown at the end for textbook coverage, especially after letting both teams get away with some obvious PI all game
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