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  1. For the time being, I added the games for this season as 'events' in the Calendar. Here's a link to it (also in the main menu under forums), but I'll see if there's a way to better incorporate it closer to the season. There's also an option to mark as 'Going', 'Maybe' or 'Decline', as well.
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  15. Thanks for the feedback @soulpatch! I have spent more time working on this one thing than anything else with the site, believe it or not. It's a big pet peeve of mine, too, and seems to mostly be an issue with embedded tweets. This is normal behavior since a script runs whenever you scroll past the tweet. The only effective measure I found was to disable 'lazy loading'. Lazy loading is a feature to make a page load quicker. Images, embeds, etc. don't load until you scroll to them on the page. The only problem is, it slightly slows down the webpage. I haven't noticed the difference, but Google
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