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  1. Here's one I'm a little more proud of. Still a bit of work to go before we're at the top for "Notre Dame Forum", however.
  2. Fun fact. Domer Domain ranks #1 in Google for Michigan Skunkbears. I'm proud of that. Thanks @simontonlake
  3. I thought you meant literally. Whoops! That didn't work, but might I think we might be onto something!
  4. Is Saban immortal? I don't know if I can take another 200 years of Alabama + Saban in the National Championship
  5. Thanks @SDIrishFan. That's correct. It shouldn't be more than a couple per day, and uhnd was one of the better sites when it comes to categories without having a dozen posts a day. Shouldn't be more than every couple days in the offseason, and up to 3-4 in a busy news day during the season. May need some tweaks going forward, and if it's a flop, then I'll scrap it. But what better time to try and figure out ways to increase engagement than the offseason.
  6. Welcome to Domer Domain, @SYD4ND!
  7. Hey @TexasDomer. It is technically possible, but not going to add the option right away. It isn't a native option, and would require a third party plugin. Explanation here, but I'm leaving the option open. https://www.domerdomain.com/forum/topic/52667-ignore-function/?do=findComment&comment=743157
  8. He will be. I'll be damned if these boards will be taken down from the inside.
  9. The mods hear all the outcry. And Elder is in timeout until January 16th. With the next ban possibly permanent. I am not a fan of banning members unless it gets out of hand.The trolling / threads are starting to take away from the experience I want members to have here. @ELDER06, do better when you come back. Thanks for making your thoughts known, everyone.
  10. Hey @NDhoosier. That's not a default functionality, but I did some research and there may be a premium option to accomplish this. It's a 3rd party plugin, but it has some mixed reviews. Looks like the forum developers still show the ignored user's quotes so anybody who quotes them isn't taken out of context, which makes a lot of sense. You won't see anything new that ignored users posts, but there's context if somebody quotes him. There is some risk with 3rd party plugins, too: 1. With forum updates, most plugins break unless the plugin author updates it 2. It would be another cost added to the site, with another renewal cost every 6 to 12 months. If there's enough demand for it, I'll give some thought on buying / renewing it. But I typically try to avoid 3rd party plugins whenever possible (if it were an official add-on, it would be an easier decision). The premium chatbox was giving some issues behind the scenes as well, which was made aware to me when I was working through something. Thanks a ton for the feedback. Probably something I'm going to wait on. But I'm not closing the door on this idea. I think there's a use for it, but it's hard to justify it just yet.
  11. Thank you @Irish Chris. I haven't been able to follow the thread since I was out watching the games. Never fun locking threads, but thanks for doing what needs to be done.
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