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  1. Alrighty, calling dark theme the winner!
  2. If it's from the web, you should be able to right click and copy. And then adding a message here, just right click and paste.
  3. Appreciate it @Irish Chris! There's a learning curve, but it'll be better for everyone in the long run. I'm pretty confident about that. Thanks!
  4. This is pretty balanced so far. Excluding me, that's 3 for light theme and 3 for dark theme!
  5. Hey Domers! The next version of the Software is in Beta, which means in a few weeks / months, we'll be ready to upgrade. Don't worry, this will be extremely minor in comparison to the last update, and these typically happen once a year, occasionally twice. Each new version is usually 7 - 10 months apart. And these upgrades are usually focused around bug fixes & new features. Some of the bigger features to expect: Achievements - I have no idea how I'm going to incorporate them, but should be able to have some fun with it Web app & Push Notifications - This is somethi
  6. At the very bottom of the page, there's a 'Theme' dropdown where you should be able to choose Light (Default) or Dark Theme. I created themes for both Dark & Light themes, but want your feedback. Which would you like to make the default for users? Please vote! Personally, I like the Dark Theme better. But whatever has the highest vote count will become the default. Thanks all! Edit: I should also add, even though the default may change (or may not), you can still use whichever you prefer. The option for Dark & Light Theme will remain in the Theme selection.
  7. Got it updated on the calendar. Thanks @FaithInIrishForever!
  8. Share your PSN ID here so you can play with fellow Domers! Also, feel free to list any games you play.
  9. Share your GamerTags here so you can play with fellow Domers! Also, feel free to list any games you play.
  10. This is the most accurate take I've seen on the subject. Both parties need to take action and work together if we ever want to get anywhere.
  11. I knew the Bills got a good set. And they're probably my number 2 team since there's so many former Panthers and Panther staff over there. McDermott I knew would succeed. And Beane was the Panthers GM in training for years. And the Bills hired him literally a month / months before we left our GM go. I'm still a little bitter about that. Carolina messed that up big time, but the new GM for this year (from Seattle) has been making all the right moves so I have a reason to be optimistic again.
  12. No offense to anyone, but I was terrified of Carolina (my pro team) taking Clausen that year, and of course they did. But not in the 1st. They took him in the middle of the second round, and our GM at the time (Marty Hurney) went on record saying he tried to trade the next year's first rounder (ended up being #1 overall / Cam Newton) to move up in the 2nd round to take him. That would've erased a TON of great seasons, including a 15-1 Super Bowl appearance, from the history books. So I'm a little salty about Pickles.
  13. Kiper's thoughts aren't worth much at all in my experience.
  14. As a Panthers fan, I LOVE the Tremble pick!
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