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  1. Lifted the restrictions! It was 20 posts before creating new content. So stay away, bots
  2. Welcome to the forum @steeltown36. The reason you weren't able to create a thread in general was due to bots in the past. I intended to have a requirement in place across all the forums where members have to have a certain number of posts in other threads before they can make their own topics. Looks like I missed one, but I'm glad you caught it. Maybe I can lift that requirement since I think we have bots under control for the most part. Welcome!!
  3. (Faith is out for the week, so the moderating team will fill in briefly )
  4. Really odd. I'm not sure why it happened then, but let me know if it happens again.
  5. Hey @Rocketsan, You can easily turn those all emails off here. https://www.domerdomain.com/forum/notifications/options/ Uncheck emails for followed content, and that should do it. It will stop emails off follow any specific content, as well though. If you want do just turn off notifications for the digest (updates in general and recruiting), but leave it on for everything else, I can customize that for you.
  6. Agree with jbrown, here. That was around the time it happened. Was doing some cleanup regarding the recruiting organization, and I believe that triggered them to show as unread, since they were in newly created forums.
  7. I would go fresh for the fall. Thanks @FaithInIrishForever!
  8. Looks like it is a bug. They mentioned a patch being out there, but I'm assuming it's been pulled since it's not showing for me when manually checking. Hopefully it's only temporary.
  9. I have noticed the scroll bar to the right a few times. You might be right connecting it to the latest update. There are two 'big' updates a year I think, and the there was one in July 5th. Going to do a little extra digging on this. The embeds are a default option, and not an add on, so shouldn't lose compatibility. Will see what I can figure out and I'll reach out to the devs if needed. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. Since it's a handful of tweets in one post, it might take a few seconds to load the embeds. As for 247 embeds, You should be able to click source, paste the embed, and go back to the visual editor (click source again) to continue editing your post Can you try that and see if it works, if you haven't already?
  11. You should have access to it now. I'm only enabling HTML on a poster by poster basis for those who need it / use it. Having it on site-wide is a security risk.
  12. Of course Netflix would do a documentary of it. Trailer:
  13. I've tried what was available to me in the past with this. Only options are to either have all embeds load at once or lazy load (load as you scroll to it). If it were only 1 - 2 tweets on a page, I would have everything load up-front, but pages with more than a couple tweets would take a long time to load, where it was a hinderance on the site. From what I know, it's something that I can't optimize any further at this time, but I'm consistently checking for options to improve in this area. If there is something, it will be an instant enable / purchase.
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