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  1. That's the same way I'm trying to look at it. Very similar to Cam Newton in 2015 when Kelvin Benjamin went on IR in preseason. The was no more tossing it up to Kelvin and praying. Forced Cam to spread it around and he had an MVP year with Philly Brown and Ted Ginn at receiver. Not saying Darnold will be an MVP. Not in the least bit, but he handled the lack of a safety blanket in McCaffrey very well last night, once they settled in in the second half.
  2. Sorry @imroc! I tried to do some digging but I have no idea how to recover it. I do have a backup of the database, so I may be able to try and dig it out in the future if you want, but no guarantee since that might be slightly above my technical knowledge.
  3. CM Is a hammy, but was ruled out immediately. Hamstring injuries could tend to linger for the season, but hope it's a quick recovery. Jaycee Horn broke 3 bones in his foot. He's looking like a around end of season as best case scenario, but wouldn't be surprised if it was IR. And the safety Juston Burris got hurt and was put on IR I believe. I forget the injury.
  4. Fun fact: Tommy Tremble was the youngest tight end to score a TD in NFL history
  5. Lost three starters potentially for the season that game though. A win, but at a high cost.
  6. They did plenty in pre season... And there it is!!!
  7. Thanks @jimbo! It was a pretty drastic change, and it's easy to swap back if needed, but I haven't heard anything negative about it. Wasn't sure how it would land. And thanks @OKelleyIrish for the suggestion. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. I absolutely hated that call. I'm okay with targeting as a rule, but not it's current implementation. That play should not have been targeting, and definitely should not have resulted in a player getting ejected. This rule lacks a common sense element
  9. I had to switch a bunch of things. From vBulletin to Invision power on the forums. From Joomla to WordPress for the blog. And hosting I made a switch I believe (can't remember who the previous owner used). Changed from a non secure site to https. And more. So lots of room for issues if there is old cached content.
  10. Thanks for chiming in. That's the most likely issue. If you need additional issues on clearing cache on Firefox, this should help: https://www.tomsguide.com/how-to/how-to-clear-the-cache-in-firefox
  11. @NDhoosier I'm sorry you're having issues. Can you right click the quick link and either copy and paste the link here or send it to me in a direct message? I think it might be a old URL that no longer exists. And I might need to just set up a redirect for it. I know there have been some issues with Firefox but they mainly had to do with embedded tweets.
  12. Good Luck with the sale @ND_JACK, and if you do sell them to another member here, please don't hesitate to leave any feedback on this ticket exchange. This is a trial for me as well, and seeing if it's worth investing in again for the 2022 season. Thanks for giving it a go!
  13. Well said. The exclusivity to Peacock is wrong on so many levels. You're alienating many decades / generations of fans. It's very short-sighted to make an extra buck.
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