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  2. I was just talking to a college golfer about NIL. She said all of her friends are sponsoring vitamin drinks, but their main reimbursement is product, not money. If you were looking for NIL opportunities for the average player, not the stars, where would you look? For instance, I told that golfer that she should partner with local courses. Any thoughts?
  3. See above. He is looking at texas AM on the 17th now
  4. Today
  5. Moore may not visit at all in June. We shall see. No I don’t think should majorly worry if he does not visit the 10th or 17th but it should raise an eyebrow.
  6. I hear ya but the 17th visitor list ain't too shabby.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Pretty sure he’s set the weekend after, 6/17. Wish he would be there for the 10th though that’s a huge weekend
  9. Why isn't Moore visiting the 10th ?
  10. Well I don’t like hearing that
  11. In place of the tentative visit he was looking at for ND? With a big list of visitors. That hurts.
  12. Reported as an unofficial for now
  13. Sounds like Dante Moore is visiting TA&M June 17th
  14. I think confidence is high on Limar, who is announcing this week and they are pushing hard for Jeremiyah Love, who they also feel good about. Young is probably more of a long shot, but good news just getting him to campus. If for some reason we could land all 3, Love could potentially be used as an ATH / slot type given his speed.
  15. Does this indicate ND coaching has profound confidence in a pending commitment by Limar and/or Young? Does it reflect the staff isn't too worried about the running back situation since Payne committed? I still don't have confidence that Diggs will stay at ND, and read a recent comment that ND has to "recruit" him each year.
  16. Also, if Jimbo wants to talk that nobody but one person got an NIL deal….fine…but your own commissioner just came out and said that they are seeing just straight payments and “NOT seeing name image and likeness activity.”
  17. It was funny the Lane Kiffin tweet. I think it was a copy and paste job but it showed Texas A&M 5 star recruits and Jimbos record(I believe) in those years. Then came last year. The best class maybe ever with the first NIL year and a terrible record at that. Chance?….
  18. It happens more with coaching changes. Don't forget he committed to the previous RB coach.
  19. It seems Jimbo doth protest too much, methinks. All his whining and umbrage about A&M recruiting brings the name Lance Armstrong to mind.
  20. I don’t know much about the ins and outs of recruiting, but it seems surprising to me that ND would do this to him after he announced. Is this something that happens regularly? I could see it with the SEC schools, just didn’t think that ND went down that road.
  21. According to driskal’s podcast, ND told irvin that they didn’t have room for him anymore.
  22. Last week
  23. Yeah, I’ll second that. A&M has always been a strong fanbase and the students LOVE the place
  24. To be fair, though, A&M has amazing tradition (even though they really haven't won anything of significance forever), an enormous and enthusiastic fan base, a football stadium that seats 102,000 people and is full for big games, and better weather than Michigan or Indiana. While Ann Arbor is a pretty nice town, South Bend isn't really nicer than College Station and they're about the same size. Clearly A&M has done something with NIL that other schools are sad that they didn't think of first. But, even before NIL became a thing (the 2022 recruiting class), A&M's classes ranked 8 (2021), 6 (2020), and 4 (2019). I don't think Dante is at all a lock for ND. A&M has a lot going for it other than just NIL. But, his road to being the starter will be harder at A&M than ND. And, A&M is sure to recruit a 5 star QB every year now, given how they've handled NIL.
  25. QB: 10 (Love Buchner but nothing behind him) RB: 15 (Worried about Diggs' health, but think Price is going to be the next great ND RB) WR: 5 (Need a WR or two from the portal, but love Styles and think Davis is underrated) TE: 15 (Best TE in the country and some highly rated guys behind him) OL: 15 (The HH effect and two of the best tackles in the country) DL: 20 (Best position group on the team - by far IMO) LB: 10 (Like Liufau, but worried about the others) CB: 5 (Would be a 10 if not for the Fiesta Bowl) S: 5 (No confidence in anyone outside of the NW transfer) K: 0 (No confidence in anyone)
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