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  3. What an exciting player for the ND offense! He was a must get at WR. Great job v=by Del Alexander in his recruitment to get this top 75 player on board, Only once in a blue moon does ND haul in the top player in the state of Washington. Guess there's a blue moon soon. Welcome aboard, Tobias!
  4. 247 Composite: 4-star, #125 overall, #18 WR 247: 4-star, #75 overall, #11 WR Rivals: 4-star, #155 overall, #21 WR Offers: Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington, Washington State
  5. Mods - please delete or merge with Big's thread - thanks!
  6. What about Canadians who don’t get that channel???
  7. I wouldn’t bank on that yet. I sure hope you get to though.
  8. Utter crap. I guess I won’t be watching the home opener. First one I will miss in decades but there is no way I will be apart of encouraging another system to pay to be shown commercials for hours. The whole point of streaming services is to get away from commercials. Maybe I’m wrong and they won’t show commercials and the game will only take 2 hours to play. You guys will have to let me know.
  9. Crap - I might have done that for the damn B&G game. I can't remember if that was premium or not.
  10. 7 day free trial. Will do same thing I did for the Air Force game many years ago. Start service on Friday and kill it on Sunday.
  11. I’ve gotten used to watching games after the fact. I’m sure there will be a replay within a day. Is what it is I guess. nbc is obviously testing the waters to see how much more revenue they can make.
  12. Absolutely. What type of crap is this. I’ll just go to the bar or something. Screw that bs.
  13. Haven't posted in a long time, but this news really has me upset. In order to watch the home opener against Toledo, you will need to have a premium subscription to Peacock, as the game will not air on NBC. Not sure how the contract works with NBC, and I certainly don't expect anything more than greed from them, but this feels like a pretty big slap in the face from Notre Dame as well. https://www.ndinsider.com/story/sports/football/2021/08/04/notre-dame-football-home-opener-streamed-exclusively-peacock-premium/5485142001/
  14. ND Commits Brenan Vernon (DL): 4-star, #65 overall (down 26 spots) Keon Keeley (Edge): 4-star, #100 overall (up 116 spots) ND Targets Kadyn Proctor (OL): 4-star, #11 overall Sonny Styles (S): 4-star, #12 overall Dante Moore (QB): 4-star, #17 overall Duce Robinson (TE): 4-tar, #30 overall Drayk Bowen (LB): 4-star, #48 overall Carnell Tate (WR): 4-star, #57 overall Luke Montgomery (DL): 4-star, #59 overall Jaxon Howard (ATH/TE): 4-star, #70 overall Justice Haynes (RB): #4-star, #87 overall Avery Johnson (QB): 4-star, #149 overall Justyn Rhett (CB): 4-star, #151 overall Christian Gray (CB): 4-star, #166 overall Adon Shuler (ATH/S): 4-star, #200 overall It's extremely early, so these rankings are subject to change, as are the players ND is targeting. There were a ton of guys in the Top 247 that ND is recruiting, but I tried to keep the list limited to guys I know ND is in really good shape for (i.e., top group or leading). As it stands now, I like ND to land Styles, Bowen, Tate, Montgomery, Rhett, and Shuler (commits in 2 weeks). The guy ND needs the most is Dante Moore. ND needs an elite QB this cycle and ND is in his top group - need to figure out a way to win that one (battling Michigan and Ohio State).
  16. BK meets with the media on Friday. First day of camp is Saturday. I believe the media gets to attend 2 or 3 practices, but not sure which days. I would assume they will be there for at least part of Saturday's practice.
  17. I just don’t think ND needs to “rush” into anything……a diamond will always be a diamond
  18. I tried to find a schedule for practice and media schedule but can’t seem to find one. Anyone know dates for fall camp?
  19. Interesting. And I kno nothing about what is used today and how long it stays in your system. But if the tests are predictable it explains some of it. I’d imagine some programs don’t have a huge problem with it internally as long as they don’t get caught by the ncaa. Just seems odd that you never hear about it.
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