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  2. I think you’re still stuck in the past where every elite kid has to be from the inner city and is dumb as a box of rocks. Kelly showed he could recruit top talent. 2011- Tuitt, Lynch, Ishaq Williams. 2012- Gunnar Kiel, Davonte Neal 2013- Eddie Vanderdoes, Greg Bryant, Max Redfield. Then he started slipping off. Probably because she kept swinging and missing at his top talent. Either by coaching, evaluating, or suspensions. Kelly stopped getting elite type talent yearly. From 2014- till 2017 Kelly attracted a lot of offensive line and tight end talent. With sprinkles of 3/4 star talent in Love and Claypool as examples. Not elite coming in. 2018 Kelly tried again at top talent with Jurkovic, Austin, and Griffin as his top talent. Again….where are they and what have they done? That’s been the trend with Kelly. When he was able to pull a five star kid in he sat, got suspended, transferred. So it will be what happens at LSU when he gets that talent and they don’t act the Brian Kelly way. He already had an episode with his receiver the first well and let it go because he knows he can’t lose the team after week one. Let’s see what happens when they start losing and his offense produces squat against top competition and that elite talent starts to rumble. As for Freeman, Big already said it, any other year or time Freeman gets Moore, Keeley and a couple more guys next year. But NIL and the transfers system is already making a mark. Topple that with that bad Marshal loss and his class has slipped. But Freeman would of killed it this year if not for that. Thank about those, even if they were to lose Bowen this class is still on par with Kelly’s 2013 class. Wow…that long ago? This is the type of classes Kelly wanted you to believe the was the ceiling. These top 12 classes. Not 2013. But as you said, time will tell. If Freeman can somehow win 10 games this year I have no doubt that he’ll still have one of the better classes in the past 15 years. That’s saying a lot right there.
  3. I stop worrying when the game ends. It's easy for me to rationalize positivity, because: I don't have any control over the outcome, and I have more fun that way. As my wife and friends can attest, I can get pretty pissy during a game. I can't seem to shake that "meatball fan' mentality entirely. However, once the game is over, the result slides off my back pretty quickly. Then, it's back to looking forward to the next chance to watch a win.
  4. “My commitment is still solid right now. I still have coaches reaching out, especially now, but I’m committed to Notre Dame.”
  5. Yes but Jackson Arnold also loves Lebby and may have chosen Oklahoma anyway.
  6. I stopped after the L to Marshall. Bad loss, and crashed season (playoffs, big bowl) Why worry now lol... Freeman deserves patience. He's a rook. Just hope the recruiting class doesn't crash too. IMO, OL will improve over season. Just want a W vs either (or both) Clemson or USC (be spoiler)....
  7. Spin by BK? huh... lol Remember a guy called Holtz....? Complained constantly about academic requirements, and could only sign less half kids. And Holtz had got a little flexible (early career) by admin. Later, Holtz went 1000% PO'd on admin. And Cerrato absolutely hated admission dept... Time will tell. Freeman doesn't even has his 1st "official" class yes. I don't see him being consistently top 5. Everyone put on green glasses with early ranks (1, 2, etc..). Now dropped 5th, and likely we'll drop more. I'm feeling 7th or 9th if we don't lose more.
  8. Its larger scale than wins and losses though too. What I'm talking about is Freeman becoming a head coach. Whenever you are newly hired to a decision making position its hard to know how much to change and how much to keep. Especially taking over a relatively successful operation.
  9. I like the positivity, but let’s not get carried away. We were able to run the ball effectively because UNC has arguably the worst P5 defence in college football. ND couldn’t run the ball vs Okie State, OSU and Marshall because the offensive line couldn’t get a push. Some will say it’s because we were up against a stacked box and while there is some truth to that, HH’s lines have always laid an egg vs teams with equal or greater talent (lesser in Marshall and Okie State’s case). I’ll stop worrying once we dominate the LOS vs teams like BYU and Syracuse. I don’t expect them to dominate Clemson but for crying out loud just don’t get manhandled all game… they’re going to have to run for about 150-200 for us to win that game.
  10. I Stopped worrying when the actions started following the words At his Introductory and bowl game press conference Freeman said I want to run the ball and stop the run ND did NONE of that vs OKST ND did NONE of that vs Ohio State ND did very little of that Against Marshall. ND started doing that vs the 2nd Half vs Cal ND Did that vs UNC I think it took Marcus a bit to say I'm the Head Coach. My assistants have voices but the wins and losses go on my record. The final decision is MINE. I think thats something we will continue to see because this is the first time Freeman has been head coach and has final say on gameday.
  11. To me I want to rush 4 drop 7 and play man to man didn't say press there are variants. I don't like blitzes. A team that can match another team with as few tricks as possible is What I want. Thats why running right up the middle is encouraging, a play as old as football, just execute.
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  13. Everybody loves press man...til you get beat. It really depends on the opponent and matchups. It helps to have the offense humming because if its not, you can't run man and get beat for quick scores. Its about complimentary football. Scoring points allows you to be more aggressive on defense. Special teams flipping the field allows you to play more man. As long as the offense plays like it did last Saturday (NC defense is awful though), I'm sure we'll see more and more press coverage and blitzes.
  14. In hindsight if Notre Dame took Arnold as their QB in this class, do you believe that would have helped with Bowen’s commitment? It seems like he has been wavering ever since his original commitment.
  15. I’m thinking of watching “Dave Makes a Maze”. Anyone seen it?
  16. Don' doubt you've been following recruiting for years, but saying ND can only recruit half the Top 100 is not a fact and is purely spin by BK to justify his comment that ND had a ceiling and would be in the 5-15 range, which just isn't good enough to win a national title. Not sure why you're railing against Sampson and The Athletic. He is one of the best writers on the beat, and while he may not be as knowledgeable in terms of x's and o's as some other writers, he has great contacts within the football program, and him not being a Notre Dame guy, unlike many other beat writers, makes him more objective. He's not an ND fan, he just covers the team. He knows his stuff. Not sure how he has a narrative just because he can be more critical of the football program than other writers. I have no doubt that many highly rated kids are offered early but then don't have the grades, classes, or test scores to qualify. But it is nowhere near 50% of the Top 100. ND can - and has been under Freeman - recruit the best of the best. There are 36 5-stars according to the 247 Composite. Not only did ND offer 90+% of them, but ND was highly involved (not just offers, but unofficial and official visits, school visits, silent commitments, and commitments) with at least half of them, at least at some point during their recruitment (Iamaleava, Moore, Keeley, Hicks, Harbor, Proctor, Downs, Arnold, Okunlola, Hill, Vizzina, Robinson, M'Pemba, Young, Harris, Haynes, Bowen). Freeman is going to be an elite recruiter. If he can match his recruiting ability with his coaching ability, ND will be in great shape in 2-3 years. He is going after the elite guys because he can. These guys can get into ND and thrive. He's not "shopping down a different aisle," like BK used to say. He's shopping down the same aisle as Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State. He can't go after every 5-star, but he can certainly go after the majority of them.
  17. If ND loses Peyton Bowen, who is our highest rated commit on 247, ND would still have a class with a point total of 277, which would have been 7th, 9th, and 6th the last three cycles. I think ND is almost guaranteed to finish in the Top 10, unless stuff really hits the fan and multiple guys leave. Bowen would be the biggest loss. If he gets back on campus for the Clemson game and hasn't decommitted before then, I think ND holds on. It sounds like schools are coming hard after ND commits. I've heard of schools reaching out to Greathouse (OU), Flanagan (Alabama), and Limar (Washington) so far, possibly others. I don't think that means that any of those guys are in danger of decommitting, although there may be more smoke with Limar compared to the others due to the recent RB/ATH offers. I think Jeremiyah Love could really solidify this as a Top 5 class. There seems to be some mixed thoughts from recruiting analysts, with some feeling like ND is the outright leader, and others thinking the longer this drags out, the more likely he goes to A&M. Plenty of rumors out there about NIL being a factor. It'll be an interesting 5-6 weeks, primarily because of Bowen, but also to see if ND can close on Love and keep the rest of the class intact.
  18. It was fun while it lasted, I was hoping after the loss to Marshall they'd be a great Cinderella story to take the sting off some. But they've lost to some terrible teams. Do you think we fall out of the top 10? How badly is this going to affect the 2024 class? I see a RB offer out, does that have to do more with Love or who is on board?
  19. grrr, though not unexcepted (regardless of the 0-2 start). It will be interesting to see which names are shaky.
  20. 9:30 - #15 Washington @ UCLA - ESPN - Washington has played well, but they are facing a decent opponent on the road, upset alert? we'll see how real (UCLA). IIRC, Bama State almost beat them. 11:00 - #7 Kentucky @ #14 Ole Miss - ESPN - Top 15 matchup but the sad thing is, unless it is a blowout, neither team will probably move much in terms of rankings Ole Miss, big time IMO 11:00 - #18 Oklahoma @ TCU - ABC - TCU has had some good games, can they upset Oklahoma for the second week in a row? Would love OK to fall twice in two weeks 2:30 - #2 Alabama @ #20 Arkansas - CBS - Alabama playing a tough game on the road, but Arkansas had a let down game last week Could be fun. Bama only vs chumps so far, except a close one with UT. Still think Bama, but I can dream. 2:30 - #22 Wake Forest @ #23 Florida State - ABC - FSU is on a roll, Wake Forest almost beat Clemson last week, should be a good game to watch. Is FSU real? He does look better this year. Might be fun. 3:00 - #17 Texas A&M @ Miss State - SECN - Hopefully Miss State can get the upset at home. MSU are favs. IMO, good day for both Miss teams. 6:00 - LSU @ Auburn - ESPN - Go Tigers, if LSU wins this game, they may not have the bad record everyone was thinking they would. I know the BK haters are cheering Auburn, but I like LSU this week. Big SECW game. Next week (vs UT) will be huge. And next week, starts big 5 games. UT, FL, Ole Miss, Bama (bye before), and ARK. 6:30 - #10 NC State @ #5 Clemson - ABC - Back to back big games for Clemson after a nail- biter with Wake Forest, could be a really good game. If Clemson is real, should be win by 14 or more at home. NCSt is overrated. Anxious to see Clemson on road vs FSU and ND.
  21. Recruiting is heating up. Things are going to get bumpy before they smooth out I think. There will be more commitments and decommitments. It’s going to be interesting to see how the staff responds with needing to shift to new prospects. Need to keep winning too on the field.
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