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  4. Or it can be said because of the inexperienced OL you want a QB that has experience and can make quick decisions/reads
  5. They have used that brand in the past and I believe their old equipment manager, Ryan Grooms works for that company, so i would guess it is an option for the players
  6. I got to watch the Highlights. QB: Pyne had a very solid group of clips today. I still think it is 1A vs 1 B in favor Coan BUT. . Not scared of playing the 2nd string QB whoever he is. WR Lawrence Keys has had a great camp. I see if in EVERY highlight package WR Joe Wilkins is also in every video Less of Braden Lenzy Bo Bauer is in every video Clarence Lewis intercepted Coan today Kryen Williams catching lots of passes Line today was. LT FISHER, LG SPINDLER, C CORRELL, RG KRISTOFIC, RT BAKER.. LUGG MIGHT OF GOTTEN A DAY OFF
  7. wish he would but he doesn't. His rise to get the ND job had alot to do with getting D1 players who had not played much in D1 to transfer to Grand Valley. He's smart, but a organization and development kinda guy. Freeman's talking about a Frank Leahy type approach, which is close to my heart.
  8. Lol, good one. About 10 clips came to my mind from Kelly saying he has been coaching for 20 years.
  9. Lol, no Kelly would never say that. He has 27 years of coaching and players breakdown doors to come play for him.
  10. That's something only great coaches who believe they are the best would say., Freeman should be the next head coach at ND after Kelly.
  11. Last week
  12. Does anyone know if ND will be using these for their linemen? https://www.vicis.com/zero2-trench
  13. "We're going to continue to be the most aggressive and hardest working recruiting staff in the country. That's a goal of mine and that's a philosophy of mine. Let's outwork everybody in the country. That's in terms of evaluations, developing relationships... - Marcus Freeman Since 2010, I am not sure that I remember Kelly ever saying something like this much less back it up with actions. It sounds like something that Meyer or Saban might say (& do). It's too bad that Freeman will probably only last a max of two years before becoming a head coach somewhere. It's also too bad that
  14. I actually appreciate you posting this. Very sad indeed. How much alcohol does it take for a man his size to have a bac that high. I’m 160 and it would take me at least 5 beers within a couple hours on an empty stomach. So sad such a wonderful man can be lost to such a preventable event.
  15. I guess I'm morbid, but I always look for closure on this stuff to figure out what happened. Apparently, his BAC was .192 with a little THC in the system. Seems he drove into the lake and accidentally drowned on his way to see his girlfriend. That's just horrible...gets shot and ends up in the hospital, but doesn't die, only to have this happen... https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/louis-nix-toxicology-reports-former-nfl-player-released/BLZQWFS5WZDKDEUJSIUZTOD44A/
  16. Top 100 WR Tyler Morris just committed to Michigan.
  17. It certainly adds an interesting wrinkle that we are rebuilding our OL at the same time. Mobility may be required as there will likely be more missed assignments than we've been used to seeing.
  18. My thoughts exactly regarding Buchner. If he is as good as advertised then let’s roll with him. Coan is garbage. We must be the only team that thinks we can take a guy that couldn’t play well at a program like wisky and think he will be Joe Montana for us. I’ve said it before, all of the top programs that get top QB’s put them out on the field as freshmen—unless they have an absolute stud that is still a a senior. Put Buchner out there and let him learn and see what he can do.
  19. At OL, I wonder if we take Fitzpatrick as well. From spring practice coverage, It seems that some guys we thought were tackles are moving inside now.
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