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  2. I love condescending behavior, because it is my specialty.
  3. I disagree with the last part. I feel like the current culture (AD, admissions, facilities etc) is one that would attract a big name hire if Brian Kelly steps away. Unlike 2003-04 ish whenever they tried to get Urban Meyer(although he was an up an comer) and had him seriously contemplating it but ultimately went to Florida as he knew he could win right away. My point was that then ND probably had zero shot of getting a home-run hire and now I think they have a much better chance. It's a program that's turn-key basically.
  4. Pretty expected. He was hurt by the injury time away. IIRC, actually looked better than Pyne the last spring game he played in. Oh well. We all knew Buchner was the expected guy to take over. Now we just all have questions about Buchner. And some think Pyne is the 2nd coming after a few snaps. IMO, it's good they are trying to give development reps to Buchner since we are more or less out of the CFP equation. At least they'll know what Buchner has going in to Spring. Wish Clark the best wherever he end up!!
  5. Really wasn't directing the explanation at @cali_domer, just in general for the board. I just wanted to differentiate the tags (50% can't even be kept), and the we had less attractions (lures). You can look at a lot of up and comers and envision they might have success here, but it's all projection. BK had an incredible record at Cinci, and has done well here. Just no ships. And there are no big school great power-coaches that will want to come to ND due to the limitations. So it's either luck out and pick the right up and comer, or not...
  6. What did Drew pyne do to kelly? Does anyone know.
  7. It is a different Era then when Rockne was coach....a lo more difficult to get one under your belt when the night life in south bend is horrific. Kelley pisses me off beyond belief but like other folks have said there is no one beating down our doors to come coach here and deal with this fan base and alumni
  8. We are 13th but we are not a top 10 team. We can win out, but I don't think this team has it in them unfortunately. We have really talented players but all the pieces are not there by far. We should be really good next year and the year after that. All the teams we play from here on out have the potential to just out right beat us or upset us.
  9. Weis took him back at Kansas and was unable to do anything with him but that entire program was dog-shit.
  10. Yeah I'm not really sure where I was going with this. I just have a gut feeling that Pyne is probably the better answer at QB but we (the fans) don't have enough sample size to venture/guess down that road and Coan's 4th quarter against VT really cemented his role as the starter for the next game or two anyhow. I was impressed.
  11. You watch Clemson this year? They didn't exactly hit a home-run with DJ. Offense is worse than UND's and they have a 5* kid they recruited and "developed" last year. Perhaps he winds up at Clemson if he doesn't find a better landing spot with starting potential.
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/bowls/predictions/ A more updated one. That would be a fun matchup.. Probably get absolutely embarrassed unless this team can figure out a way to play better together.
  13. https://fightingirishwire.usatoday.com/lists/which-bowl-games-notre-dame-is-projected-to-play-in-entering-2021-season/ These seem to be lazy picks as a few of the projections have rematches from this season. (Cincy UNC Wisconsin) UNC probably going to the toilet bowl if they get BE. Not sure where all of the tie ins with are new half assed ACC deal but here were some pre-season projections. Chick Fila - Peach - Fiesta & Camping World. I really want a chicken sammich after reading this article.
  14. TB will definitely make you pay. I think TB falls into the Manning category where teams try to get him off his mark and sometimes that means 5-6 man pressure due to his lack of foot speed and he's not really that dynamic of a passer. The Ravens and Patriots figured this out against Peyton and were really the only teams who had the guys to pull off pressures on Manning. You'll see TB stats fall way off when he's pressured much moreso than other good QBs drop offs. If you watch pro football you'll see that Tom Brady does nothing spectacular. Tom Brady is nearly perfect with all of the ordinary plays and throws a good deep ball. If he has shallow crossers the ball is always on the money where the receiver can make the most of the play. He doesn't make cross field throws in between coverage, change arm angles etc like a Favre or Rodgers. He's (TB) also very smart. I remember listening to a guy who was going against him tell a story where he got brought in mid-drive due to an injury(one of the linebacker positions) and he forgot the play from the huddle and TB called out the defense and specific assignments he was running pre-snap and was like oh thanks but holy shit this guy knows my defense better than I do.
  15. I imagine Tom Brady is another.
  16. I think it's hilarious you had to explain your metaphor, hah. I agree that I'm on the fence about LF. I could see him being a Tom Hermann type although there is plenty out there that suggest he's a better coach. Hermann's teams would have let downs against inferior opponents. I was trying to tell my UT friends that at UT every team they play is going to play them like their inferior opponents at Houston (they have the game circled). Not a good indicator of a coach when they play upto competition and also down to it.
  17. After Kelly got a hold of him he was shot. Why else would Weis take him then?
  18. If they mean bring pressure as in extra guys, Aaron Rodgers is a QB that teams will not blitz because of his big play ability and presnap intellect. Teams try to game plan pressure using 4 guys.
  19. The academic situation isn't overplayed. If anything, it's not understood enough. Let's say you're a top 20ish bass fisherman. You're in a tournament with 20 of the best fisherman. there are 100 trophy fish in the lake you're all fishing in, half with red tags. All the other fisherman can use any lure they want, and keep any of the 100 trophy fish they catch. You on the other hand have limited lures, and can't keep any of the 50 fish without tags. That's a huge handicap. It's going to be a very rare day that you win the fishing tourney. PS.. the tags are those that would pass our admissions. the lures are things like not having to play school, weather, geography, girls, conference status, bag men, etc.. I don't think BK is a brilliant coach, but he is a good and solid coach. I always ask a person complaining about BK who they want (who has a better resume, or who would actually come), and rarely get an answer. You mention LF. BK had a much better record at Cinci. Not saying LF wouldn't do better, but he's not a no brainer either.
  20. Crist played under Weis in 2008 and 2009. Starts for Kelly but gets injured in 2010. Does nothing in 2011. Transfers to Kansas to be with Weis and loses the starting position. I think he had quite a bit of time with Weis…
  21. Oh yeah, you’re right…Clemson was the Kizer 2 point conversion that got stuffed. Wrong play, but still the same conclusion.
  22. Still the Air-Raid with Graham Harrell They want to spread you out and throw a lot passes, particularly n the middle of the field. Lea went to a rush 3 drop 8 approach for this game and drove us nuts. I still like a 4 down nickel and dime package as the best approach. I think 3 down just gives the QB too much time.
  23. Is Chan visiting other schools?
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