Notre Dame's a Game Away (a quick thought)
Posted by Don Juan   
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
The game was epic and season-altering. The stands were full of boisterous alumni and non-alumni who had only wished. One game of ultimate importance to more than the fans, but to the mainstream pessimists who salivate for any negativity involved with Notre Dame. The pre-game show reeks of old nostalgic mixed in with a young vibrant flow to captivate the new. Global warming is least-feared on this day. Flash bulbs illuminate the darkened sea of fans behind the bright stadium lights. The buzz leaps from one person to another adding another level of excitement while the teams overflow the field from their dark tunnel.

One game is all it takes for years of anguish and sorrow to be erased. In one 4 hour segment on a colorful fall day, Notre Dame will have this chance to step back into its past, and bring back that moment we all remember.

In 2005, Notre Dame played a game like this which aired for years later on ESPN Classic. A day filled with celebs and TV crews, ending with a crippling defeat to our enemy from the west. Although suffering a loss, Notre Dame gained a new-found respect from the media and others.

To have a game like this occur again, itís going to require winning with style. Not necessarily destroying teams, but winning the game and not being predictable. All of this will be a process. Notre Dame canít just jump into the limelight but has to be developed like a photo, through time.

USC will be the measuring stick again this year and improvement will be most seen or not seen on this day. A glimpse at the schedule will encourage anyone for this reason. Notice the slow gradual incline of competition as opposed to the nightmarish cliff we were thrown from last year.

This will help ease our offense and perhaps get the youngsters (Floyd, Walker, Rudolph and maybe Gray) more acclimated with the speed of the game. One game can put Notre Dame back on track. One game can bring sexy back. Are you ready yet?