College Football Upside Down
Posted by Don Juan   
Tuesday, 18 December 2007
Bad teams winning against great teams, great teams losing to bad teams. Unknowns becoming known, and knowns becoming unknown. Coaches lying to players and players lying to coaches. Crimes merging from players to coaches back to players. Predictions or forecasts turn into nightmares and crumble along the wayside. Analysts calling out coaches and coaches calling out analysts. Lou Holtz giving a pep talk to Navy. Stability is no longer a word just a sub-word in instability. Teams blowing out teams, yet not making it past those teams into a major bowl. Illinois becoming a good team. A player getting bit by a dog in the end zone. The world is clearly upside down. College football has turned mad. These are the days in which we need to return to our roots. In order for there to be sense in all of this nonsense, there needs to be a foundation in which to build.

Hell has frozen over this year when you see Temple neck in neck with Notre Dame statistically speaking. When a team's best game is against the Irish, game after game after game, you might want to write a letter to your congressman and have him address this issue, especially when it's Navy. When Notre Dame's best option on a (potentially game winning) 4th and 9, is to go for it from their own 23, you know the stars are not shining. This season of ludacracy has produced by far, the most wide-spread illness of "heads-rolling-syndrome" ever. No one is safe.

Rich Rodriguez is the new coach at Michigan, taking his spread option with him. So Michigan's going back to the Jackson days and Alabama is going back to the strong-coach days. UCLA is looking to make a splash, again; and steady Joe Pa is ever so steady. Pittsburgh seems happy to just knock off better opponents and Northern Illinois is just happy enough to "compete" in the MAC. Ole Miss got there man while Arkansas got the Pellini. And Nebraska returned to there winning ways when they designated big Tom Osbourne head coach, to save a depleted recruiting cycle. In the end, conhuskers will find the "Osbourne supremacy" worked and they too will get off the ground and start healing their wounds. And what about that guy from Texas who neutered the Oklahoma fan at a bar for choice words? Interesting what this pigskin can do to folks.It has grown men ball-hawking 17 year olds via the inter net looking for any positive from a torrid season.

And yet what did any of us learn from this year? Are we going to be more open-minded next year? Or are we going to realize how unpredictable college football is? The answer is no. Next year, expectations will be high and some of us will complain about the lack of plays in the spring game. Some of us will probably start threads pertaining to why Michigan sucks and to why Charlie calls the plays still. This sound familiar? We do this every year. It seems the trend that "when were supposed to be down we're up, and when we're up we're down, but when we're only half-way up we're neither up nor down". So that being the case Notre Dame fans, I'll go all out on a "diction". I dict that we will be either up or down and that this crazy college football season will chaos itself back to reality and normalcy, and that once again college football will revolve around Notre Dame as it rightly should. College football will soon be downside up.