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Old 03-21-2020, 05:45 AM
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Default Opportunity

I am for sure done with this Cesspool of a board and many will not listen. However, I told y’all years ago that Republican presidents always bring recessions, this is proven through time as they are reactionary versus proactive. I want to bring hope to the good people still here. Thus leading to situations like the stock market crash in 2006-2008 and the Reagan/ Bush recessions. Anyways, we are in another blunder by the republicans, however there is hope. Many may not listen to me, however history shows dating back to 1962 that as soon as a democrat takes office it is time to buy.. buy.. buy.. my advice hold your money and Biden wins , buy all the etfs and blue chips you can. These are unprecedented times, but in every catastrophic event, the market shows that the money is made when Dems take office. When they lose sell your **** at year 3 of repub reign. To sum up, if Biden wins buy!

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