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Originally Posted by jbrown_9999 View Post
I never understood why government workers belong to unions. Unions were formed to protect workers from selfish "evil" capitalistic owners who took advantage of their employees. Since government workers work for a benevolent employer that has their best interests at heart, is the only reason that they belong to a union a money grab to force taxpayers to overpay for their services? How come it seems that democratically controlled states have the highest percent of unionized government workers? Do democratically controlled states treat their workers worse than republican controlled states?
Maybe states that vote democrat have more people. Idk, but your wrong

8 out of 10 gop states hold the crown for most govt employees Per Capita. Want to go further? They also spend the most federal dollars, have the worst schools, and the most poverty. Talk about bad management .

Maybe you should just read my post which states why police officers joined the union to begin with, working 72 hr shifts etc. Jessie may be able to explain why it is important, or may be we just privtive the whole deal. You pay for your roads, your garbage (mafia style), your city beautification, your schools.... I could go on and on, I assume you get the picture of what I have been saying. You think city workers are going to work 72 hrs, no benefits etc fixing the **** you use everyday? You would have high schoolers throwing your trash in your lawn because they were pissed your garbage bin was to heavy. Try going to Loews in a good ecomony, it’s terrible. Imagine your road service.

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