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Originally Posted by GunSlinger View Post
I haven't followed recruiting very closing for a while now other than just reading some stuff here and there. Looks like this class is really shaping up to be something special.
I would be really surprised - shocked even - if ND didn't finish with a Top 10 class. I think that it will ultimately fall in the 6-9 range, but ND has a real shot to get a Top 5 class with the way things are looking. They just need to win the battles for the Top 100 guys (Tyree, McGregor, Phillips, McMillan, etc.). ND could end up with 6-7 guys in the 247 Composite Top 100. ND finished with 5 in the Top 100 in 2018 (but the highest rated was Houston Griffith at #70 overall). You'd have to go back to the 2011 class when ND landed 6 Top 100 guys (the Lynch, Tuitt, Ishaq class).

The 2020 class should end up as the best class since 2013, although that will be tough to top. That class had 23 commits - 19 four stars, 15 Top 250 players. But the 2020 class could end up being better if ND can land those Top 100 guys.
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