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Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
I would disagree with the Emory study simply because people aren't thinking about the consequences while committing a capital crime or really any others. It's really a difficult thing to measure and collect data on anyhow IMO.

The human life has value is my personal belief. I understand what your saying against child predators and the like, and if I caught one in the act would have a difficult time not beating the life out of them. I'm not above the concept of killing people in the defense of yourself or others and in the time of war.
Just finished the Bundy tapes on Netflix. A decent watch. Anyways, before Bundy was executed he helped the police catch the green river seriel killer. Also, helped the FBI in how they looked at murderers.
I also found it interesting somewhat, that although I know it was his mother speaking for Bundy, she brought up being a strong Christian woman who didn’t believe in doing “Gods work” as I mentioned in the past. Of giving Bundy only a life sentence...That he could still be a help to society. In this case it was the police.
Last note, before they executed Bundy, he mentioned that he murdered 30 maybe but he wasn’t sure. But his appeals were up and he was going to be executed the next day. I wonder, if they had delayed his execution if they could had gotten more information on the whereabouts of the other victims(if true). I’m sure the families of missing would of loved to know where the bodies were for proper burial purposes.
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