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Originally Posted by tneun89 View Post
Armstrong is the most frustrating player to watch this year. I remember in the preseason, a lot of media members predicted he'd have a 1,000-yard (total yards) season, and I didn't think that was far-fetched at all. But that injury really killed him - he has not looked good at all since he came back. It seems like he has no wiggle and his speed is down. That's a hard injury to overcome for a RB. Hopefully he can put it together next year, but he's a complete unknown and somebody that the coaches should not bank on.

Tony Jones has had a good year, but he's also been bitten by the injury bug. I have no idea whether he'll stay or go. He's not an NFL guy, probably, but he may still want to give it a shot. Would like to see C'Bo and Jahmir get more carries these last few games. Not highly recruited guys, but it seems like they are true RBs.

Tyree can't get here soon enough.
Armstrong has a track background and it always seems that those football players are more injury prone for whatever reason.
Now if they say a RB has track speed (like Tyree) that's another story. He is the goods and should start from Day 1.
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