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Impressed with Gibbs and Hubb last night. Really hoping that this is the new Gibbs, as he had a really bad year last year. Think he put too much pressure on himself to make things happen after the losses of Colson and Farrell to graduation, and then Pflueger in the beginning of the year. If he shoots like he did last night all year, ND can be pretty dangerous in the ACC. Expected more from Mooney, but felt like he wasn't getting a ton of chances offensively.

Super impressed with Hubb and thought Carmody provided a spark off the bench. Disappointed in the other sophomores, Goodwin and Laszewski. Agree with LV - Laszewki was supposed to be a big guy who could shoot the ball well, but he was not that guy last year (understandable as a true freshman) and he was not that guy last night, although he had 7 rebounds. ND is going to need those guys to step up.

I think that this game was there for the taking. UNC replaced all of their starters and a couple of key bench players, and this was their first real game together. Thought ND could steal one, which would have been a great start to the year. But ND didn't shoot the ball well enough outside of Gibbs and Hubb, and Cole Anthony went off. Most points scored in a debut for an ACC player ever. More than Zion, RJ Barrett, Marvin Bagley, Tyler Hansborough, etc. That's really impressive. It was a pipe dream, but he would have looked great in blue and gold.

Good game by the Irish to stay in it most of the way. UNC just got on a roll in the second half and ND didn't shoot the ball well enough to get back in it.
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