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Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
The parallels are there. I'd rather not see any types of attacks, but that's not reality madmen exit whether they kill one or a hundred people. Focusing on the criminality rather than the instrument is my approach.
As you said, madmen exist. It's much easier and realistic to focus on the instrument then to try and eliminate all bad people. We can cross that mass stabber bridge when we get to it. right now we are at the mass shooting bridge.

Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
How do I or anyone else control our idiots? I teach and practice, as an example, responsible gun ownership and safety with my family and people I hunt and shoot with. I don't like people getting CCW by taking online courses without the benefit of classroom and range time with instructors to help to further drive home the values of safety and being responsible.
By taking a stand. These idiots go on a rampage and your first response is the second amendment. People like myself suggest ways to curb the problem but you guys shoot them down and offer nothing. You don't want new laws even though the current ones don't work. If you're a law abiding gun owner, why would you care about stiffer laws? If they increased the fines for speeding it wouldn't bother me one bit because i don't speed.

"Regulation" is the second worst word in the english language to you guys just behind "liberal" so you don't want that either. So your inaction and unwillingness to come to the table is an endorsement for these shooters.

it's like solve your own problem before someone else has to step in and do it.

Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
So the kid has groupies. That's hardly a new phenomena, notorious people have gotten support from various nutters forever. I'm not going to get my feathers in a bunch over it, do I think it's ridiculous, yes absolutely but what should be done?
But his "groupies" are people that share your views. That alone would make me stop and wonder if I'm on the right team. This isn't about notorious people it's about rampaging lunatics killing innocent people and gun supporters like yourself feeling the need to send them money. It's not just a one time thing, all of these killers get crowd funding sites started for them.

Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
Last I checked he hasn't been convicted, yet.
Because if they sent him money after he was convicted then that would sick. Prior to his trial is alright. Gotcha.

Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
And there's nothing preventing a person from getting support and legal funds for his defense.
It's not but I wouldn't want to be a part a group of people that support terrorist. You can't tell me you'd have the same feelings if this shooters name was Abdul Rahim and the Muslim community was sending him money.

To me it seems like we should all be able to agree that when people are being shot at schools, concerts, churches and theaters, that something should be done. When more rigid laws and regulations are handed down it will be because people like you--the good ones were too afraid to stand up to people who endorse murder, won't to do anything to help eliminate murders, or condemn those that support the murderers.

It's a cycle that needs to be stopped and you guys, quite frankly are in the way.
A couple news stories don't represent a whole population of people.

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