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I would say DT has been our biggest weakness. You have two studs there and you are a legit contender. Even one can do wonders in college and pros. The problem is, that position is always loaded and the guys there in the past havenít always been the brightest. No knock on prior guys, has always been the stereotypical assessment of that position. Anyways, look at the guys at the position and then look at championships.
Suh(although, not highly rated in highschool, was a monster in college), Dareus, Dorsey, Fairley, Cody, and Wolfork all won NCís. The list goes on. When BK had Nix he had a National title defense. I know different systems and all but it really doesnít matter. Get a man child at that position and watch the defense get that much better. The Bonner and Schoenkes of the world are going to cut it starting for ND if they have aspirations of ever winning another title. They need that Bryant Young and Zorich again!
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