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Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
None of the above, all human life has value. Neither is very effective in detering poor decisions by an individual.
1) Emory set out around 2005-2006 to prove that the death penalty had no deterrent effect. In two separate studies from the liberal school, they actually found that it did deter crime. 2) Not all human life has value. I disagree with your statement. We are simply animals of a higher order. There are lives that by genetic mutation or for environmental reasons have no value in our society and do nothing but destroy. Child sex predators come to mind... Unless the predator is doing something to redeem himself or making some large contribution versus netflixing and molesting, I don't see value in those folks.

Some things are simply inexcusable and can't be tolerated. I love the Ferguson example. In what world is it, first, ok to simply take whatever you want off the shelves of a convenience store and walk out while the owner who is half your size is yelling at you, then refuse to listen to a cop, then attack a cop to take his gun, the bull rush him...? (This is all per the grand jury testimony which contradicted all the bs hands up don't shoot crap) If my kids did that and got shot, I'd be pissed, but not at the cop. I'd tell them, you asked for it, because there is absolutely ZERO excuse for that crap. ZERO. Each one of those actions led to your death. And according to those actions, I'd say you were a person of little value to our society versus the straight A student from inner city Pittsburgh who is simply walking home from school and gets taken out by a gangbanger "just because." Value and no value.

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