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Originally Posted by BAgate View Post
Historically, the point of the electoral college was to allow southern states to gain the representation of 3/5 of their slaves without having to let them vote. So what is the point now?

Supporting the electoral college is to say that you don't like democracy. The fact that in 2 of the last 5 elections the person who got the most votes lost is a travesty.

It also makes most of the country irrelevant. How much do candidates campaign in Alabama or California? If you don't live in a swing state then you really don't matter to the politicians. Is that a good thing?

And this isn't a conservative/liberal thing. Political winds move in cycles, and 50 or so years ago it was the republicans who were getting screwed by the electoral college.

As to the big cities controlling everything, if they have the population, shouldn't they? Isn't that sort of how democracy is supposed to work, with majority rules? If you don't like what they choose, make the argument and change their minds, don't hide behind a set of rules that simply diminishes the importance of their vote.
We’re a Republic, not a Democracy. That’s middle school civics fundamentals... No the population of a couple echo chambers shouldn’t control. There is a lot more to consider in this country than the urban issues of a few cities on the coasts. You have rust belt, bible belt, rural, tourist, etc. You. REALLY weren’t listening in 7th or 8th grade huh? That or your teachers failed you.
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