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Originally Posted by tneun89 View Post
1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Georgia
4. Oklahoma
5. Ohio State
6. LSU
7. Michigan
8. Florida
9. Notre Dame
10. Texas
11. Oregon
12. Texas A&M
13. Washington
14. Utah
15. Penn State
16. Auburn
17. UCF
18. Michigan State
19. Wisconsin
20. Iowa
21. Iowa State
22. Syracuse
23. Washington State
24. Nebraska
25. Stanford
Also, I know ND has a tough schedule and could lose three games, but Michigan could easily lose three games too. Actually, Florida and LSU could easily lose three. Georgia could if they lose to us. Other than that the other top 4 have easier schedules or better teams that they can navigate and only lose two at the most. ND will be fighting for that #4 spot if they can win 2of 3 against the big squads-Michigan, Georgia, or USC/Stanford(depending who bears who and who wins that conference).
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