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I'm of the opinion that EC should be overhauled. It no longer does what it needs to do.
As an example, take a look at the political map of CA or WA State. It's a couple blue dots surrounded by red. The entire state of Washington deals with whatever laws or politicians Seattle wants voted in. The east side of the state is in open revolt over some of the stuff that's been voted in lately.
A solution might be to break the electoral college down even further. Perhaps an electoral vote awarded by county? There would probably have to be a way to weight large counties vs small counties, but it might encourage more people to vote AND it would force candidates to have to account for less populated areas. Think how you'd feel if you were a Republican in CA or a Democrat in Idaho. It would seem like your vote doesn't count for ****. The country is devolving into a urban vs rural debate in my opinion, and that has to be accounted for somehow.
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