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Originally Posted by BAgate View Post
3) I think this is where the fundamental disagreement lies. I think of the US as a country with the states being constituent parts, you see the US as being a union made up of the states. I don't know how we bridge this divide.
I appreciate the fairly civil discourse overall (at least between you and I). However, I would like to talk about this point you expanded on.

The USA has always been a union of various states. Many, myself included, forget that it is even in the name: UNITED STATES of America. The constitution was written with that in mind because they realized that a country will have people influenced differently depending on where they live.

People who grow up in Kansas have different values than people who grow up in the big cities. The people in Kansas were promised an equal representation on federal laws that will affect them. The electoral college fulfills that promise to each of the states. There is a process in place for a state to leave the Union.

Again, California benefited greatly when it first became a state from the electoral college, now that they are the most populated state, they do not see the need. This is why there are checks and balances so that the majority do not always have the final say.
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