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Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
I hold both sides of the aisle responsible for mismanaging spending in the government at all levels. There has been a long history of our pension system, which used to be through the cities themselves at a local level. In the 80's it was decided that the state "needed" to step in and create a state funded system for police and fire. Since that time both sides have looked to fix their poor fiscal decisions by dipping into the funds that are well managed, like our pension, which wasn't designed as a piggy bank for the government to use whenever they want.

Regarding unions I have a lot of opinions about them. We formed our own bargaining unit for the PD some years ago, after we finally and thankfully got away from Teamsters. It's not perfect but we are more engaged than we were, and I don't have to worry about my dues going to political candidates at all. Like jbrown_9999 cheekily mentioned about our "benevolent" employer, the government, and your historical factoid about police unions is one of the reasons I am unionized.

No I don't believe you can privatize LE. There have been experiments in that area in the past like the Pinkerton Detective Agency, among others, that didn't work out. There are hundreds of reasons why law enforcement specifically shouldn't privatize.
That is great your own private union has done well. However, Marion county is having trouble with theirs. The Pinkerton agency still exists, and is hired by us officials. Blackwater and other private firms are hired by the govt against the anti Pinkerton act, mostly by GOP led efforts. The president that enacted those laws was also for the forest reserve act, anti monopoly and would be considered so left nowadays you may call him a socialist. It is privileged to say your profession requires the govt protection but others do not. The Pinkerton before the law was in place did no worse than a public police force today with all the incompetence that is seen everyday. Make no mistake about it, I agree with you. I am just exposing hypocrisy. I think you know, you are battling yourself at this point. I am just pointing out a libertarian position. Conservative hero David Clarke cost the city of Milwaukee 6.5 million dehydrating and killing inmates. He spoke at your convention, law and order etc etc. looney tunes from the gop.

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