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Originally Posted by NDhoosier View Post
1. I am Catholic, so your first sentence is not only false, but quite problematic. I wont report you for this post, but make that accusation again and I will make it my personal mission to report you. Typical far leftist, taking what someone says and somehow making it a genocide. This is why the democratic party is going to lose in 2020, your feelings are so far left that it is starting to get scary, even moderate democrats (or people like me who voted for Obama twice) are going to steer clear of the crazy SJW nonsensical ideologies of the far-left.
2. I dont care about any Trump tweet, literally does nothing for me. Especially when Trump has been a "Republican" for only a few years now. I would say a tweet from 2012 is questionable on which side you are trying to use it to "attack."
3. Did you read the article or just the headline you posted? It literally says the same thing we were just talking about. Not all of the state's votes going one direction, but giving a voice to the minority of each state. That is not abolishing the Electoral College; now you can argue if that is a good thing or not, which you tried to do early, but that is not the same thing as abolishing it.
Could careless if you report me. You are the one that started attacking illegal immigrants when we are discussing the electoral college basically saying they are lucky that they are not shot at the border for no context to the conversation. “illegals do not scare me one bit, for the US is simply playing nice, most countries, especially in the past, would use lethal force against thousands of people forcing their way in. The day illegals step-up with violence will be a bad day for them.”. 3. You said the right was not complaining about it, I provided direct evidence then when not in the favor they have complained about it. Back to the debate, again that route is find to split up the votes in a particular state, but it seems like either this will be in the lefts favor as the bigger states that favor the right do so by a very slim margin, giving the dems a significant advantage when they rake in large numbers from the east and west coast by having giant margins. Furthermore, I am not sure that strategy would be much different than the popular vote, that is way too much math for a message board convo. A quick glance of the Midwest Trump won PA, Mi, Oh, In and Wi. Hilary won MN and Illinois. Trump would gain 7 out of all these big electoral states. Would all the plains small states and SE be enough for Trump? Idk, but doesn’t look like it would. I am guessing that her margins in NJ, Mass, and NY would be enough to cancel 20 states Trump won, if Illinois almost cancels out 5.

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