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Originally Posted by TexasDomer View Post
I'm sure you have changed his position with your "educating." I'm pretty sure that despite your justifications, the person you accused does not, in fact, advocate genocide.

Well done. Now if there's anyone else who has an opinion that you have more information on, you can feel justified in belittling a person who has less information.

Maybe you can best a child, if nobody else is available.
I best 50 year olds who claim they graduated from ND law, I don’t target children although they may be the same. Anyways, I was making general statement, if anyone supports Columbus and general positive reflections of himAND knowing what he did should be shunned. That was what I said. If you referring to Brasco over there, I was not specifically targeting him, although maybe he deserved it going after someone else without facts. Do you have something to say on your topic on how you feel about the paintings being covered/ taken down or do you just want to post general links and come after me for no reason? You mad that I exposed Columbus? I mean what was the point of your thread if you did not feel like it was crontroversal for them to remove it. You won’t admit it, but I educated you as well.

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