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Originally Posted by Kid Gloves View Post
I think you just proved my point. This programs get 3,5, and 6 times more of their kids locally than ND. And, yes, maybe some are more than 30 mins away, they are still in the same region of the country which is a lot easier to get there from a travel perspective.

However, you only addressed the travel and states perspective from my post. You didnít touch on all of the other crucial factors I mentioned such as small school, weather, IN, religious, strict, convincing kids from warm weather states, much more limited amount of beautiful women, and academics.

These are huge negatives that ND has to overcome on the recruiting trail and will always be at a disadvantage to schools in warm weather states. This all combined is why I give BK an A-. It is infinitely harder to recruit at ND in todayís climate than it is at many other schools.
Winning takes care of recruiting, and consistency is key. Kelly has not been consistent in the win column in 10 years compared to top programs. We are just three years removed from what could have been his firing after a disasterous sesson. We bounced backthe past two years putting up good numbers with 10+ wins which is step in the right direction.

However on the big stage we are really wanting for signature wins to generate buzz about being a legit contender. This year is no exception, a blowout loss to UGA alone, but also coupled with another loss sets us back with increased scrutiny when it comes to the playoffs or being a top team. We HAVE to win big games or at least look very competative in a single loss. We are at best a top 15 program and recruit to that standard until things on the field change. Year 10 for Kelly and the same old isn't very satisfying to me.
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