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Originally Posted by jbrown_9999 View Post
I get the impression that Kelly is not putting the same amount of time into recruiting as do other coaches who are considered elite recruiters.

If he was truly, truly serious about wanting to win a national championship, it seems that he would be making more of an effort.
There are a lot of things I knock BK for but recruiting isn’t one of them. Right off the bat, our pool of recruitable players is much smaller than the elite programs. He has to close at a much higher % on the players he is recruiting than other coaches simply because he doesn’t have as talented of players in the “plan B” pool. Secondly, he doesn’t have the home state recruiting bed of talented players like many of the elite programs have. At ND, you have to constantly be on a plane traveling hundreds or thousands of miles away to find players. Many of the elite programs coaches can coach practice in the afternoon and drive within 30 mins and visit the most talented kids right in their own backyard. For anyone that travels for a living you know the demands that puts on you. Further, he has to convince kids to come to a tiny, catholic school in a small town in IN where the weather sucks for half the year, the women are nowhere near as hot, the restrictions are extremely tight, and you can’t have nearly the fun or partying that you can in most of the other elite programs. Trying to convince an African American kid from the south, TX, or LA to go to South Bend is a very tough task.

Given these factors, I commend the job that BK has done recruiting. Overall I think he gets an A- in this area.
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