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Originally Posted by corysold View Post
I agree for the most part, but I think we need to see Book after this weekend to make a full judgement. Afterall, many of his numbers are up from where they were last year, granted he didn't have a New Mexico on the schedule last year.

I do like that his yards per attempt are up, even if his percentage is down, suggesting he's trying to push the ball more vertical, something that didn't happen last year.

Clemson and Georgia are at a similar level. So if he can't improve on his Clemson performance...

17/34 160 0 TD 1 INT with no intent to throw the ball deep

...then I'd say we can add him to the Kelly line of failed QBs.

You know I'm an eternal optimist, so I can find just enough facts to suggest that there is something else going on with each QB other than just Kelly.

Crist got hurt.
Rees got slightly better and he just wasn't that good.
Golson's peripheal passing numbers actually improved, even though he became a turnover machine.
Kizer lost 5 JR/SR WR (including Fuller) and had 5 FR/SO as best WR second year.
Wimbush was Wimbush.
Jury is still out for Book.

Now I know that trying to find a reason for 5 QB's only marginally improving at best is perhaps a fool's errand, but I'll always have hope until there's no hope left.

I'll also add that while ND is getting some good QBs, they aren't getting #1 ranked, 5* elite talent QBs like Tebow, Newton, Murray, Lawrence, etc., guys who put a team on their back on won a title. Jurkovec is the one guy to who almost falls into that category, so I guess we'll have to see what Kelly does to him.
You forgot Zaire, but he suffered an injury in the 2nd game of his first full season....
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