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Originally Posted by corysold View Post
Your last thought on QB's nails the reason ND hasn't won a title. ND is never going to out talent Alabama, Ohio St., Clemson, etc. But, they have/get enough talent that if they can get a generational type QB, they could still win it.

Just look at last year. If you swap Book and Lawrence, ND probably beats Clemson. Our 3* overachiever did what those type of players do against that level. Their 5* superstar did the same. Swap just those two players, and ND is a legit title contender.

Can ND get that type of QB? I'd say it's at least possible, which is the only avenue ND has at this point to winning a title.
We already get those types of QBs. No one would ever be able to convince me that, coming up on a decade with BK, that we have simply been the victim of QB recruits who tend to regress. It's something else---it's his program, his plan for QB development, a penchant for making them think too much, etc....but once they are ruined, they are ruined for life. They don't go somewhere else and flourish---so it's something significant.

Book is seriously, like, what---the 4th or 5th QB under BK that has shown this type of regression and/or lack of progression? It's always the same---QB performs well in freshman/soph season then gets worse or shows obvious lack of improvement and gets replaced by another frosh who hasn't yet suffered from whatever this problem could set your watch to it at this point.

I say at this point we might wanna start considering using it as a recruiting tool---come to ND where you will def get early playing time---just be sure to transfer out after your 2nd season.
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