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Originally Posted by echo88 View Post
Ehhhhh I dunno about that. Sure, those names could draw the interest from elite recruits, but most of those players wouldn't qualify for admission here. The only truly elite guys we manage to haul in are the ones who genuinely care about education and aren't simply using college as a launching pad for the NFL. Recruits know fully well that, at ND, they are expected to actually attend class and maintain a particular GPA in addition to performing on the field. That's a lot to take on for kids who have likely been coddled, academically, at football factory high schools who churn out top tier talent.

Holtz was afforded academic exceptions and won a title as a result. Meyer asked for academic exceptions as a condition of his contract and was denied. Being crowned the best team in college football will always require having players who would otherwise have no business at institutions of higher learning....and right now (and probably for eternity), ND won't get those kind of players.

For as much hell as I give BK, recently he has managed to keep games against the juggernauts respectable. The fact that we had a nailbiter against UGa in '17 and the fact that Clemson beat Bama by more of a margin in the title game last year should say a lot considering the cards we have to work with.

We should taper expectations and be content with beating the teams with less talent...and performing respectably against the teams who have the aforementioned advantage on the field. Right now, ND offers a terrific education, unrivaled post-grad perks through alumni networks, and the visibility offered through an exclusive independent tv syndicate.

The only gripe I have at the moment stems from being baffled as to why QBs under BK's tutelage tend to remain stagnant/regress with underclassmen out-performing the guys who have been in the system longer. It's probably been the most consistent and obvious issue in BK's career.
Your last thought on QB's nails the reason ND hasn't won a title. ND is never going to out talent Alabama, Ohio St., Clemson, etc. But, they have/get enough talent that if they can get a generational type QB, they could still win it.

Just look at last year. If you swap Book and Lawrence, ND probably beats Clemson. Our 3* overachiever did what those type of players do against that level. Their 5* superstar did the same. Swap just those two players, and ND is a legit title contender.

Can ND get that type of QB? I'd say it's at least possible, which is the only avenue ND has at this point to winning a title.
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