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Iíll add a few here.

I hear about playing away but ND basically played away two years ago when Georgia fans loaded the stadium. Shouldnít be that much different.

I think(hope) we have another top dbís to hold their many untested talented receivers. Iíve been on their boards and they donít think much of our corners. But think highly of our safeties. Maybe Elliot or Vaughn plays nickel and Hamilton plays safety when they go 3 or 4 wide. Iíll take that.

Unfamiliarity. By that, I mean they really havenít seen much tape on Kmet, Smith(which I think will be a surprise back in this game), and Keys speed.

I also thinkND has given Georgia just enough tape to have them gameplan for certain guys but not enough for them to realize they could be decoys. Davis, Finke, Tremble.

I know people think we arenít as talented but I disagree. When you break it down as if you were the coach, you would realize on how much talent we have if the plays are designed to fit guys talents. Finke, Tremble, and Kmet could be mismatches inside. Davis is an nice playmaker if not accounted for. Claypool is a beast with excellent catch radius.
The one thing we are truly lacking is our run game. Butch used correctly could be explosive or just right. Jones when healthy will get you the tough 3-4 yards and I truly think Smith is going to be a factor in this game. We shall see.
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