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Originally Posted by JoeBrasco View Post
Notice how there was no response to this logical post. The Norte Dame elitists who think the football program will ever be what it was in the current college football world are sorely mistaken.

They all blame the coach which is hilariously stupid.
What people seem to forget is that Notre Dame has changed more than the college football world has. Notre Dame did not used to have the restrictions it has today. Knute, Ara, etc.. did not have to deal with what the current coaching staffs have to. If anything the rules surrounding college football have gotten stricter. It’s not nearly the Wild West it used to be but ND has tightened down even more than the rest. ND did not used to be on the level of Stanford or Northwestern as far academics for its student athletes. Whether you agree with what ND has done is up for debate but Notre Dame has put these restrictions on themselves not the changing Landscape of college football. Even Holtz was given the inclusion of suspect students.

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