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Originally Posted by ndomer4 View Post
Tneun, I get where your coming from with the defensive line but only if your basing your evaluation off 2018. The only guy to jump off the screen for me this year has been Hayes and heís our third guy. Hopefully Kareem and Okwara are saving it for UGA.

I am more worried about our smaller defensive tackles, along with the o line they are our weak link. Unfortunately this is not where you wanna be weak vs UGA.
No doubt. Iíve been disappointed in Okwara as well. I think Kareem has actually played well - he just doesnít have the stats to back it up. Agree on Hayes but Ogundeji is right up there. I think Okwara and Kareem are going to break out and play their best game in Athens - just a feeling theyíre going to make some big plates.

Middle of the defense scares the s**t out of me. With no Coney or Tranquill to save the defense, I think Elliot and Gilman are going to have to make a couple of game saving tackles. Iím resigned to the fact that Swift will break a 70-yard TD run. I just hope itís only once and I hope itís not on the first series.
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