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Nice write up, Hawaii. I am also optimistic about this game. I really believe that we have only seen a very vanilla offense and defense. Kelly kind of indicated that in one of his press conferences, but not directly. Also, I cannot remember the last time we have been SOOO disrespected by the media, going back to the Alabama championship game. They don't think we belong on the same field as them. Every week, teams come and give ND their best, and push us to the limit because no one expects them to win. And yet, they show and compete much closer than expected. On any given week, one team can expectedly beat another. History repeats that over and over, week by week. Why can't we have a week like that? Well, we can! I think we will come in with a chip on our shoulder and play our hearts out. We aren't going to go in there like whipped puppies and just hand them the win. The game still has to be played. A bounce or two that goes in our favor could make the difference! I expect us to play a hard fought game and go toe to toe with Georgia. Whether we win or lose, I know I will be proud of the effort our team will put out! GO IRISH!!
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