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Originally Posted by Rocketsan View Post
Offense - not good save for a couple receivers. Unimpressed with QB play, o-line horrible...

Defense - surprisingly impressed but I think Saturday is going to blow up this bird.

I for one am taking a two week vacation from here as it will be unbearable reading... Meltdowns and calls for firings will be epic...

Iím at peace with it all... it is what it is... we are who we are.
Georgia really should beat ND badly.
Their 24/7 recruiting rankings:
2016: #6, three 5 star players
2017: #3, three 5 star players
2018: #1, seven (!!!) 5 star players
2019: #2, five 5 star players

And here's lowly ND, with rankings of 15, 10, 10, and 16 during that time with one 5 star (Kraemer).

If ND does win, it will be the biggest win in decades. A close loss, in my opinion, would indicate the coaching staff is doing something really well.
A loss by 2 touchdowns? Sadness, but not unexpected by me.

ND has to be able to recruit like the "Big Dawgs" to be able to compete with the big dogs.
It's not the 1970's any more.

I'll be sad if they lose big, but I'd rather lose big to Georgia than win by 1 against Duke.
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