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Originally Posted by ndmike88 View Post
Motivational speakers do not win football games. The players have to believe that they can win. Going 1-10 on 3rd down tries is not going to beat Georgia.
Until Kelly can show the football world he can win a big game (and not just once) everyone will keep on saying that ND doesn't belong with the big boys and with justification. Beating up on the New Mexico's of the world is meaningless if they keep getting beat in the games that would show the country that the Irish are back.
Does this team have talent? Of course they do. Can this team beat Georgia? On any given Saturday...But
until Kelly can beat the power teams of the college football world, ND will not be taken seriously when talk of the playoffs roll around.
Close but no cigar may be fine for some people but for those of us who remember when Notre Dame was a powerhouse it just isn't good enough.
ND is never going to be a powerhouse again bc they have Academic standards. It doesn’t mean they can’t win a title one day, but they’ll never be what Clemson and Bama are right now.
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