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Originally Posted by Kelly Gruene View Post
If ND loses by 2 to Georgia and Ohio State loses by 14 to Maryland or Northwestern, I think ND might still get in (given no other losses by either team).
I hope we’re in a position to find out in late November.
11-1 would be a great season. I’m sure some people here would complain about something, but few predicted 11-1 at the start of the season. I’ll just wait, watch, and hope.
I agree 11-1 would be a great season, but our goal is to win a National Championship.

If you read what I wrote, there's the caveat that we play Georgia down to the wire. If it's the usual beat down, then it's all pointless because we're not contenders for a NC.

If there's one thing I've learned from this era is that we don't make huge strides as a team throughout the year that transforms us from a team that can beat our underdogs, to beating teams, or even playing them close, when we are the big underdogs. This week is a big opportunity to change the narrative, and our hopes. Let's hope the Irish are up to the task.
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