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Originally Posted by cali_domer View Post
This team will lose at least three games. Lack of commitment to the run game and inconsistent QB play. I "like" the team. Just see them as really deficient in areas and therefore over ranked. I see them as totally flawed and will AGAIN be exposed by teams with elite talent. The story stays the same, we are step below the elite (BIG STEP) and the sunshine pumping that this is going to be the best offense under Kelly is a joke.

I do not like unpredictable (bad running, LB play, Unknown at WR) when it comes to a team sport. I enjoy teams having an Identity. Why can we not run against bad teams? Why do QB's under Kelly seem to regress? Why when the lights are bright against elite teams do we consistently crap the bed? I am glad you see this as exciting, but I disagree the reason you listed is a reason for excitement.
that's all very possible. I'm not all flowers or pumping sunshine really. Its true that we don't reload like Clemson does, "Like this team" for me covers the 8-10 win area. I'd be shocked at 11-12 wins but I'd be equally shocked at 6-7. Every team replaces 20-25 percent of their rosters every year. I like the safeties we have this year. The adjustment by the defense to funnel offenses to the sideline instead of the middle creates more tackles for loss with this personnel group.

I get tired of the same offense so guys with new skills are fun for me to figure out. Kelly has not really had many QB's for back to back years as starters. Golson had school trouble, Zaire got hurt, Kizer went quickly to the NFL. Wimbush had accuracy issues

I guess I'd have to go back to Rees and he was more of a coach on the field who had a ceiling,

I guess we're back to the Rees/Crist debate but the names are now Book Jurkovec.

I know thats not perfect and we've not won the big prize but its a far cry from the 6-6 team the guy inherited.

I appreciate all you've said, we've expressed both sides of the same coin and mostly agree upon them. We'll see if this team offers anything new when competing with the SEC on Saturday.

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