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Originally Posted by PaddyO View Post
I love our safeties and DEs, especially love the depth of talent. I actually really like our YOUNG LBs, though they certainly need to develop. I think Book will return to his steady, yet unspectacular form. I liked watching young receivers emerge. If we can't pick up 2 yards when we need it however, all these positives will be for nought.
yup 3rd and short is definitely a struggle, hope we get Jahmir Smith back soon who runs the short ones the best.

I like with this group that we can mix up the coverages so Jake Fromm may not know whats coming. Elko's-Lee's defense was always a safety position driven defense(Elko had been safeties coach) and this year we have safeties that make it go.

All I know is that we go into Georgia with 14 regular season games in a row, and a punchers chance. It will be fun.

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