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Originally Posted by echo88 View Post
After the mid 2000s debacle, they administration wanted sh|t to get cleaned up in that program. That means a few seasons of underwhelming performance as the new staff roots out the BS.

I mean, he was asked to follow the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse for fu(ks sake--- Petey, Kiffin, Orgeron, and Sark.
I live in Orange County, CA, and can assure you that the USC fanbase is 100% OK with losing every game except ND and UCLA so long as it means that Helton is out and Stoops or Meyer is in.

I was at the ND-USC game last year. They hired a fuxking plane to fly around the stadium with a trailing banner imploring Swann to fire Helton.

There is far too much talent within 200 miles for USC to suck for this long.
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