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Originally Posted by Jim2Dokes View Post
Iím sure Germany covered some nice murals of hitler. Get over it. If Columbus wrote some books and the books were being banned that would be a 1st amendment issues. This is a private business making a business decision that they donít want to glorify a 9 year old year sex slaver and genocider on their walls. They are not that beautiful and he is not revered and defiantly should not be. Do you revere him? Maybe you revere the child molesting priests too. I am catholic but have to seriously consider every time I step in the church, would I go to Jimmy Johns if 1000+ of their employees molested children? So I now avoid that place unless holidays. Still love Jesus though.
You need to see a shrink. Your world view is truly disturbing.
"If you burn your neighbor's house down, it doesn't make your house look any better." -Lou Holtz
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