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Originally Posted by Kelly Gruene View Post
I guess I need to quit being so surprised that the anonymity of the internet makes it so easy to say such terrible things to and about each other. It seems that respectful discourse is not possible on the internet.
I wish the moderators of DomerDomain would step in and put an end to these threads when the personal attacks begin. These types of attacks never accomplish a thing. They never make the attacked acquiesce nor do they make the attacker look good. No one ever wins these arguments and everyone looks ridiculous.
Please please please lock this thread.
Unfortunately, I think this nation is in a soft civil war. Civil discourse is often one-sided and allows the other side's point of view to continually creep towards its direction if you don't fight against it with the same tactics. Civility is partially what lost the British the Revolutionary War... Liberalism is truly damaging this nation with its hypocrisy, labeling, sensitivities, and general inability to be accountable and deal with reality. You have to fight it tooth and nail.
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