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Originally Posted by Jim2Dokes View Post
And they hate you. You support Hitler? Just bring it out. Let it come out you love hitler. Columbus was an the idiot version, you love him and you love hitler. Just let it all out you pos.
Uh huh... Exactly. You're analysis is too simple because you can't comprehend or deal with human history. You can't rewrite it no matter how hard you try just because the actions of the past haven't "aged well." I'm sure whatever bs you support has its own history of brutality. I mean, you act like a Russian troll, so maybe we should talk about Stalin or Mao and their implementation of socialist, liberal policies. Maybe we should talk about Venezuela or Cuba. Hell, maybe we should talk about our allies in Europe - Britain and France - who each have their own brutal histories.

The reality is that history has been brutal until relatively recently. Tell me a nation who didn't brutally espouse or evangelize its values and impose them upon cultures who were defeated through bloodshed. There is not one that you can cite. You just need to quit curling up in ball about it and under understand that brutality and hypocrisy are par for the course when it comes to the evolution of civilization.

Are we going to remove everything Dr. King stood for because he plagiarized his doctoral these at Boston University? Are we going ignore that Werner Von Braun started our space program since he was a former Nazi? Are we going to remove George Washington from everything because he owned slaves? Maybe we should remove Thomas Edison from the history books for electrocuting animals to death to prove AC power was too dangerous? Let's remove Winston Churchill for starving 3 million folks in India. Let's erase Mother Theresa because she opposed women's equality. Heck, let's wipe out Lincoln's legacy since he often used the N word - we can probably add every founding father or American of note through the 1800's and early 1900's to that one... Henry Ford is out the window because his business openly supported the Nazis and he was not shy about his hatred of Jewish people.

History is full of examples of people who influenced the course of history and progress, but whose actions, thoughts, and views do not age well in our current society. However, that's been human reality for millenia and you simply can comprehend or acknowledge that all of these unsavory things are woven into the fabric of human history. Our views, today, are the culmination of all of that learning and progress, but our civilized views have had to evolve just as our understanding of science and technology have had to evolve. You can't have and iphone without black and white television or Atari. To throw everything out the window because you can't handle it today is simply unrealistic and shows a real lack of understanding the world in general.

Have you considered what the world would be like if you removed all of these people from it? We would be hundreds of years behind where we are. Our prosperity, today, which is the direct result of ALL these offensive people has been cultivated by the accumulation of all these people who have changed history. If these people had not changed the course of human history, regardless of the brutality that occurred simultaneously, we would be hundreds or thousands of years behind.

Columbus helped open the gateway to America which created an avenue for persecuted peoples from Europe to escape and bring new ideas of tolerance, regardless how basic or hypocritically applied, and allowed those ideas to flourish. Those ideas gradually turned into the United States which has fought to protect or establish those ideas for other peoples. Look at Freedom of Navigation. The U.S. established its navy to fight those dictators and bullies who charged you to trade on the high seas or else be sunk. The U.S. not only established its navy to protect itself, but used its navy to protect everyone else for the same reasons. You can see this most recently with our conflicts with China in the South China Sea.

Everything that has occurred in the past has pushed us forward to this moment, now, and you have to take all of it with the good AND the bad. You can't just ignore it. If Columbus doesn't discover America, some other nasty nation would have and would likely have been just as brutal if not worse. Hell, its not like the indigenous people were saints themselves, either.

So, my entire rant is about people like you who can't see past their noses and understand the world. Everything has to fit neatly in your little box where mottos, hashtags, and pop culture rule the day, not a true, in-depth understanding of humanity, history, or the web of interactions and priorities that have ultimately culminated into our modern world. It really is a mark of weakness to NOT accept our past and recognize the impact on humanity that certain people have had.

But hey, James, pick your typical liberal jab and throw it at me - I'm either a racist or a nazi when you can't provide any sort of substantive rebuttal to an argument with merit. Oh wait, you have a new one - I like genocide. I'm a regular Idi Amin... But, if I'm Idi, you're Pol Pot.
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