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Originally Posted by TexasDomer View Post
What have you done to the thread I started?

Turned it into a debate on sex slaves?

This was a conversation about the covering of a painting, and you guys CAN’T STOP attacking each other personally.

For once, just ONCE, can’t you respect the opinions of someone else without becoming a monster if you disagree?
No, there is a reason that ND is removing the painting, your thread was a link and pretty much left it open for people to have disagreements. And nope I can not respect an opinion of someone who wants to keep the painting because “he found America” or some other asinine reason. I would rather educate. Columbus was a Monster and if people want a picture celebrating him AND know what he did, they are also monsters. I don’t think they know, so I educated them in Columbus selling little girls, what is wrong with that?

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