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Look I am just going to end this thread. Columbus was a swindler that got some coin to get a fleet from the queen to get a crew and boats to go to the America’s, he ended up in the Caribbean, killed thousands of people for some fake gold and came back in shame. Instead of writing that story, a storyteller for the time wrote a story of glory discovering new land. This was a fiction work of art. Then the Italians came to this country and were treated like ****, they told this story of Columbus to the ignorantenglush people which accepted it as truth and thus accepted the Italians as one of them, which was the goal of the Italians to assimilate. The italins were smart and not wrong, but the fact he is celebrated is crazy. Not only did Columbus pillage, murder and steal. He also sold sex slaves as young as 9 years old. And y’all want to support him and a painting of him? **** you!
Columbus wrote the **** himself

Y’all support sex slavery for 9 year olds? Didn’t think so...

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