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Some updates from ND players in their own words (140 char or less):

* Lynch weighed in today at 270 and "still look like a 255  #BEAST #lehhggooo". His new motto is "Go hard" and "Time to make that money, study hard, work hard!"

* Tailer-Jones is psyched for camp and has a bowl preference: "As bad as camp is gonna be its time to grind again. We goin for it big in 2011. #bcsbound"

* Tyler Stockton just got his first pedicure. You know what the British military says about taking care of your feet... He also wants help getting to 2000 followers and is 200 away.

* Chase Hounsell had fresh-squeezed OJ this morning

* Apparently, someone took Jamoris Slaughter' earrings and better be lookin' over their shoulder: "Shout out to the busta on my team that took my ear rings out the weight room #dontletmefindyou"

* Rees is going to see McCartney at Wrigley Field tonight.

Alright, granted, not earthshattering or shocking. Mostly, that's a good thing. Good news about Lynch's readiness though. And I'd give back those earrings if I were you.
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