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Originally Posted by Big23Head View Post
His family actually lives in California and his son is a freshman on the Mater Dei football team. From NDs side, he isn't lighting the world on fire with recruiting and on the field has been ok to solid.
I mentioned before that some of the recruiting stuff may come from a difference of opinions within the staff on which and what type of DB's ND recruits. I don't get it myself since I would prefer to cast a wider net with recruiting and not eliminating kids due to certain qualities or lack thereof. A larger recruiting pool lends itself for a higher hit rate for top talent. Long/tall DB are alright, but if they lack instinct it can be a wash. A shorter kid who has good hips and plays the position naturally can be just as or maybe more effective.

As far as results on the field, we lost Love who was excellent, and is hard to replace. Trying to remember who else we had since Lyght has been here, Cole Luke maybe?
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