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Updated Position Rankings

Pyne: #5 Pro QB
Tyree: #2 APB
Johnson: #4 WR
Watts: #100 WR
Brunelle: NR WR
Mayer: #3 TE
Bauman: #4TE
Baker: #5 OT
Carmody: #34 OT
Mills: #9 SDE
Ehrensberger: NR SDE
Keanaaina: #25 DT
Botelho: #16 OLB
Offord: #52 CB
Bartleson: NR CB
Lewis: NR CB
Peitsch: NR ATH (Rivals doesn't rank LS, but he is #1 on Kohl's, which is the premier site for specialist recruiting)

Have to really like offensive recruiting. If ND could trade Brunelle for Jalen McMillan, I would absolutely love this class. Still, it might be the best under BK (two 247 Composite 5-stars in Tyree and Johnson, plus four players in the Top 5 of their position groups in Pyne, Mayer, Bauman, and Baker).

Different story on defense. I really like Mills and Botelho - I think they are difference makers. Everyone else is a major question mark, although I do like Keanaaina and Offord. I also think Ehrensberger could develop into a contributor, but he is so raw that it is complete guesswork trying to project how he ends up. I think Bartleson and Lewis are reaches - hard to see either of them making a difference at ND.

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