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ESPN Insider latest reports on Bob Stoops as of this morning:

Tony Barnhart started it all last night by reporting on CBS that Oklahoma's Bob Stoops might travel to South Bend as early as today to have a sitdown with the powers-that-be at Notre Dame.

Shortly thereafter athletic director Jack Swarbrick issued a quick denial to media in attendance at the Irish's game with Stanford. "Any version of anything you hear about a contact with a coach is absolutely wrong," Swarbrick said. "We haven't talked to anybody, we haven't authorized anybody to talk to anybody, it's simply not true. Any version ... not one of them is true."

Later in the evening, Stoops himself texted Tulsa World columnist Dave Sittler: "On the record, I am not (interviewing). First I've heard of this (rumor)."

But the amount of play the apparent mutual interest between the two parties has gotten suggests that there has to be something to it. It's improbable that so many media outlets with so many different sources could all be hearing the same thing -- and that it would be untrue.

Before everyone assumes that this is a done deal, however, Sittler offers a few caveats. He says that Stoops wouldn't agree to an interview, believing that his track record is more than enough for a prospective employer to work from. He's not sure Notre Dame would be willing to offer a big enough contract to even get Stoops to listen. He doesn't think Stoops would bail on a program coming off a mediocre season. And he can't understand why Stoops would take a job with a program that is clearly inferior to Oklahoma's at the moment.

By the way, Notre Dame's university plane is still blocked on, in case you wanted to see if it happens to be hovering over Oklahoma.
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